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Monday, May 4, 2020

A Story From the Ocean by Photography

A Story From the Ocean by Photography

Who missed the ocean ? who missed traveling ? well, during the pandemic of COVID-19 we cannot go anywhere. We should stay at home and quarantine ourselves. Some traveler maybe will get stressed when he or she cannot traveling. The pandemic has change the world but we have to be patient for this periods. Here I present to you about the ocean photography which might reduce stress.

Blue Ocean in Lombok West Java

I took this photo when I traveling to Kuta Mandalika Beach in Central Lombok. The Beach is very beautiful and still natural. In sunny day, the ocean is very clear and blue. No wonder that every time I see this photo, I can imagine how it was when I visited there.

Standing on Rocks in Pandawa Beach

I promised and finally everything was done. I come back to Pandawa beach previously only a short study tour. At that time finally I can enjoy without the limitations of time and space.

Sailing from Ketapang to Gilimanuk

Exhausting days. Depart from Bandung and finally arrived at Ketapang sea port. Now is heading to Bali.

 Karang Hawu Beach Sunset in Pelabuhan Ratu

I have a chance to go walk alone at this beach. Looking for a place to catch something by camera shutter. And I got the sunset beach panaroma from Karang Hawu beach in Pelabuhan Ratu, West Java, Indonesia.

Calming down at Nyangnyang Beach, Bali

Last time in Bali. Tomorrow will depart to the next destination. I am really enjoy that time by seeing this photo. Only by hearing sounds of wave and wind breezing and Sun is sets.

Pink Beach in Lombok so clear and natural

The most beautiful and natural beach I have ever seen. After struggling through a very difficult and rocky road finally arrived here safely. I could feel how hot the sun was at that moment just by looking at this photo.

A beach from Merese Hill, Central Lombok

Another calming place called Merese Hills. This place is a witness that I first set foot in Lombok.

A Ferry in Ketapang Sea Port

This month I should be able to see the Bali Strait again. But it seems that it can't because of a pandemic that really messed up my trip.

Panoramic Ciletuh Beach in Sukabumi, West Java

It takes a struggle to get there. but because the terrain was very difficult at that time I could not make it to the beach.

 Pondok Bali Beach, Subang, West Java

Not planned at all when going to this beach. Pondok Bali Beach is located in Subang and the beach is quite close to the city of Bandung. I was with my friend accidentally there because I want to relax on the beach. After finding the nearest beach from Bandung I finally found this.

Sunset in Kuta Beach, Bali

Sitting on the beach sand watching the sunset was really a very interesting moment when traveling. That afternoon just arrived in Kuta and finally could be on time to enjoy the afternoon at Kuta Beach. All scenes were seen at that time. There are surfers, people who jog, play sand and those on vacation.

Sunny day in Sindangkerta Beach, Tasikmalaya

During Ramadan last year I had visited the beach. Although the sun was very hot, it did not prevent me from fasting. This is a gift from God for my patience while traveling and seeing the blue sea.

Great Panorama of Karang Tawulan Beach, Tasikmalaya

Previously I had never known that Tasikmalaya has a beach as beautiful as this. On the right I see a lined reef, on the left I see a very long coastline and in front I see a small island that is an icon of this beach.T he blue sea stretches very wide and the day was sunny.

Long coast line in Tasikmalaya

As what I said before.I saw a very long coastline from this beach. The waves also look very strong hit the rocks there.

Sunrise in Batukaras, Cijulang, West Java

Plans have changed.Now I see the sun rising on this beach. I thought I would not get here and the trip would end in Karang Tawulan. But apparently not.

A man walking on the Beach during Sunrise

I was sitting on the sand beach and saw my friend there walking against the background of the sky and the rising sun. A nice panorama with his silhouette.

Fishermans pull nets in Santolo Beach, Garut

That day was very hot. But this did not shake the enthusiasm of the fishermen to pull the fishing net. I sat on this beach and enjoyed the view. Even though it's hot but this is what I like the most.

The wide blue sea in Puncak Guha, Garut

I never knew about this beach if my friend didn't tell me before. A beautiful beach called Puncak Guha. From here I can see the vast ocean in blue. A stunning panorama. I hope to camp here at any time.

Natural Madasari Beach in Cijulang 

A beautiful beach but empty of visitors. This beach is called Madasari Beach. The location is close to Cijulang. Maybe because I visited the beach when people fasted during Ramadan so no one visited this beach at all except me and my friend.

White Sand Beach from Tangkil Island, Lampung

The last beach I visited before coming in 2020. I visited an island called Tangkil Island in Lampung. The island is so beautiful that I want to swim there. However, time does not allow swimming. So I just enjoyed the view. Apparently Lampung has a beautiful beach.

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