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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Travel News: Indonesia stops all visits and transit of foreign traveler starting April 2

Indonesia stops all visits and transit of foreign traveler starting April 2

President Joko Widodo decided to temporarily suspend all visits and transit of foreign nationals (foreigners) to Indonesia amid the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The policy was put into effect on Thursday (02/04) until an undetermined deadline.

This is stated in Regulation of the Minister of Law and Human Rights No. 11 of 2020 concerning Prohibition of Temporary Foreigners Entering the Territory of the Republic of Indonesia.

"Enacted from April 2, 2020, 00.00 West Indonesian Time and will end after the competent authority declares that the Covid-19 pandemic has been controlled and declared safe for the public," Director General of Immigration Jhoni Ginting said on Tuesday (3/31) night.

According to Jhoni, the rules on the prohibition of entry and transit of foreign citizens have exceptions.

Those who have a limited residence permit card (KITAS), a permanent residence permit card (KITAP), diplomatic residence permit holders, and official residence permits are permitted to enter Indonesian territory.

Foreigners with the status of medical and food assistance and support staff; sea, air and land conveyances; as well as foreigners who work on National Strategic projects are also allowed to enter by fulfilling several conditions.

The requirements include having a health certificate in English issued by the health authorities of each country and has been 14 days in a territory or country free of Covid-19.

"The statement is ready to be quarantined for 14 days carried out by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia," said Jhoni.

The Minister of Law and Human Rights, said Jhoni, also regulates regulations for foreigners residing in Indonesia.

First, foreign nationals who hold a Visit Stay Permit (including visa-free visit and Visa on Arrival) that have expired or cannot be extended their residence permit, will be granted a status permit to be forced automatically without the need to submit an application to the Immigration Office and are free of charge.

Then, a foreign national holding a Limited Stay Permit and a Permanent Stay Permit that has expired or cannot be extended again, will be given a suspension and given a forced stay status permit automatically without the need to submit an application to the Immigration Office and is free of charge.

Previously, Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi made an announcement regarding the termination of all foreign visits and transit, Tuesday (3/31).

"It has been decided that all visits and transit of foreign nationals to Indonesian territory will be temporarily stopped," Retno said.

Retno said that this new policy would be promulgated in Minister of Law and Human Rights Regulation (Permenkumham).

"We will convey the details of this policy on a separate occasion and this new policy will be set forth in the new Permenkumham," he said.

President Jokowi previously requested that the entry of foreigners to Indonesia be evaluated.

"Regarding the crossing of foreigners, I ask that policies regulating crossing foreigners to Indonesia be evaluated regularly, periodically, to anticipate the Covid-19 movement from various countries in the world," President Jokowi said when opening a limited meeting through a video conference connection, Tuesday (31 / 03).

On March 17, the Indonesian government only limited visits or transit foreigners with the travel history of at least eight countries affected by the corona virus pandemic.

Countries added to the list include Iran, Italy, the Vatican, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The policy took effect March 20. Previously, Indonesia had banned visitors from China and two regions in South Korea (Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk provinces) to enter and transit in Indonesia.

At that time, the government also temporarily suspended certain types of residence permits or visas.

"Regarding foreign arrivals in all countries, the Indonesian government decided that the visa-free visa policy, on-arrival visa or VoA, and free diplomatic and official visas, were suspended for one month," Retno said at an online press conference on Tuesday (3/17).

"Therefore, every foreigner who will visit Indonesia is required to have a visa from a representative of the Republic of Indonesia in accordance with the purpose and purpose of the visit. At the time of submission of a visa must attach a health certificate issued by the competent authority."

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