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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Livinn Hostel City Center Surabaya, Worth For Backpacker nearby Surabaya Gubeng Station

Livinn Hostel City Center Surabaya

This is my experience and review about hostel Livinn Hostel City Center Surabaya. My stay is only for transit before departure Argo Wilis train that departs from Surabaya Gubeng station at AM 07:00. This hostel is quite comfortable and easy to find because is located nearby Surabaya Gubeng station. I made booking for 1 night then this hostel is worth for backpacker like me beside the rates is cheap. Average rates for this hostel IDR 89,249 or USD 5 per night. Wow, it is worth for backpackers who traveled to Surabaya and need to stay at least one night or your transit in Surabaya city.

Facility are there in the Livinn Hostel City Center Surabaya are :
- Free Wi-Fi
- Free Parking
- Free Breakfast
- Air-conditioned room
- Airport shuttle
- Free Mineral Water (when check-in)

But unfortunately when I stay here on January I did not taste free breakfast. My departure train in on AM 07:00 from Surabaya Gubeng station and breakfast will served on AM 07:00. Of course I won't have time for eating my free breakfast. What can else we do? I have to buy my breakfast outside the hostel while walking to Surabaya Gubeng station. Oh by the way, what menu they are serve on breakfast ? just a simple breakfast, toast bread and jam and you can make some of coffee or tea in a bar. I think many hostel are served only simple breakfast. But it's good! at least they served to the hostel customers what will be served at breakfast.

This some images about Livinn Hostel City Center Surabaya

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