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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

5 Safe Vacation Tips in the Middle of the COVID-19 Outbreak

5 Safe Vacation Tips in the Middle of the Corona Virus Outbreak
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5 Safe Vacation Tips in the Middle of the COVID-19 Outbreak

Since the corona virus or Covid-19 has become increasingly prevalent in almost every corner of the world, tourism will certainly also feel its impact.

Many countries have issued travel warnings including Indonesia and temporarily stopped Chinese tourists from coming to Indonesia to prevent the virus from spreading.

There are some tourists who are forced to be patient and postpone their vacation trips to several countries that already have suspected corona virus.

Actually there are some safe vacation tips in the midst of epidemic corona virus.

1. Check travel warnings in every country such as the city with the most people infected with the corona virus.

This is important! because it's better to prevent than to threaten our health because of the corona virus. It would be better advised to another place where not many people have been infected.

2. Use a mask when in a crowded place.

If you are in a crowd, especially a place full of tourists, it is advisable to use a mask. We will never know whether other tourists are in a fit condition or not. So early prevention is better.

3. Avoid physical contact

Physical contact is one of the causes of corona virus. If so, wash your hands frequently after making physical contact with others and avoid wiping your face with your hands without washing your hands first.

Plus, bring important items that will be used along the way, this can reduce physical contact in public areas.

4. Get enough rest

Rest is very important to keep our bodies fit. Because when on vacation we often force to visit many places without caring about the condition of the body.

5. Pay attention to body health

In order to always be fit, make sure food and drink intake is maintained during the trip. Consuming vitamins, especially vitamin C can increase immunity in our body.

At least our immune is strong enough to prevent the virus from entering the body, especially when on a vacation trip, of course viruses, germs and bacteria are certainly everywhere, especially the corona virus that is endemic at this time.

Also read Advice for Public from World Health Organization (WHO) to keep update information while traveling

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