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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Enchantment of Bogor from the Mount Halimun Salak National Park (TNGHS)

Bogor is indeed one of the most beautiful places in West Java. I was lucky that morning to be able to enjoy the panorama of Mount Salak, because this mountain area's weather often changes every time so seeing Mount Salak without clouds in my opinion is the luckiest thing. The journey starts from Ciomas to the Mount Halimun Salak National Park (TNGHS), which happens to be very much in Bogor, so it doesn't matter to refresh the view of nature in Bogor. The destination will end until Ratu Crater (Kawah Ratu). Of course everything must be prepared even though there are some who are too . During the trip, of course the view is endless showing its beauty, one of which is the panorama of Mount Salak. Along the way its splendor always looks beautiful even though clouds often cover the mountain slopes.

A scene like this that I haven't seen in a long time. Maybe because it's too long in front of the office desk so once you see the beautiful things immediately amazed. Panorama of a river with many rocks, green rice fields, Mount Salak covered with clouds and blue sky. Definitely I captured a panorama like this. It's beautiful right?

A few minutes riding my motorcycle from Ciomas to the TNGHS. Finally I arrived at a landmark that reads "Welcome to the Kawah Ratu", from here the trip to the post still had to be taken on foot, because I parked my vehicle around the stalls near the landmark . Even though the vehicle can actually be brought towards the post, but the terrain is very rocky, of course I prevented it from avoiding the tire leaking.

After a few minutes of walking finally arrived at the climbing post Kawah Ratu - Puncak Salak 1 via the Pasir Reungit. Previously there were rules before the climb began.

1. At least 3 people to hike and one of the representatives is required to submit a KTP (ID Card). For something to happen (for example not returning) can be known by the postal clerk.

2. Administration and filling representative biodata.

3. The hiking trail closes at 11:00 and returns to the post at 16:00

4. The climb during the rainy season is more at risk so you have to be careful because the track is slippery when it rains.

5. If all members do not know the hiking trail, it is recommended to ask the postal clerk to be a guide when climbing.

To hike to Kawah Ratu takes about 2 to 3 hours of hiking. So all preparations must be planned as well as possible. He said during the trip to the Kawah Ratu, we will find a lot of water sources to approach the crater, the rest will have difficulty finding water sources. The pathway and see the flow of water makes this trip certainly a hallmark when climbing to the Kawah Ratu, of course, nature lovers enjoy it especially the water flowing is clean and fresh water directly from the mountains.

During the hiking, the flow of water sources we will continue to meet until the end point at the "Last Water Source". The point is already approaching the crater of the Queen, of course, many climbers who take a break to enjoy the last point of water sources during the climb, because in the future we will rarely see water sources again except when arriving at the center of the crater of the Queen there we will find a river that flows through the crater namely Cikuluwung River.

Well finally after about 2 to 3 hours of climbing I arrived at the center of Kawah Ratu. Here a lot of smoke coming out through the crevices of the crater and of course a lot of me see geothermal with boiling water on its surface! just watching it how hot the water. And this is one of the geothermal photos that I took, maybe you can imagine how hot it is there. Because when you see the water directly there is turbulent and very smoky. Then it is definitely necessary to keep a distance and not to breathe too much air from the smoke because it is feared poisonous. That is why when in the post time is limited when in the crater because it is dangerous to linger there and fear that there is poisonous gas that suddenly comes out of the gap.

It is unique to see a river that flows and passes a crater. The river is called "Cikuluwung River". At first I thought the river would be warm because it passed through the crater, but it was cold. Only a few streams that flow warm water and it's very limited. I was actually amazed by the color of the river here because it gave rise to a very beautiful blue color when photographed. Between the smoke that comes out of the crevasse, this river flows and makes a very cool view.

This is my journey to Kawah Ratu. Of course there are still many other panoramas that have not been told. But with a handful of the stories above and when I look back at these photos of course want to climb again to the mountain. But that's really climbing. If only there was time to peak and there were friends who invited to peak hehehe.

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