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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

The Latest Ciremai Train Schedule Starting December 1, 2019

Jadwal Perjalanan KA Ciremai Terbaru Mulai 1 Desember 2019

Here it is, the newest Ciremai train travel schedule which was inaugurated starting December 1, 2019. Previously the Ciremai train trip was only once a day, but due to the increase in passenger occupancy from and to Semarang and Bandung, now it is increasing so that the addition of the train series is carried out. You need to know at the beginning of the inauguration Ciremai train is only aimed at sending passengers to Cirebon only, but finally extended to Semarang. The name Ciremai itself was taken from the name of the highest mountain in West Java, namely Mount Ciremai which is in the vicinity of Kuningan, Cirebon and surrounding areas.

For you who will travel to Cirebon or Semarang to Bandung and vice versa. Check the latest schedule below.

Jadwal Perjalanan KA Ciremai Terbaru Mulai 1 Desember 2019

To facilitate you in booking train tickets, I recommend using the KAI Access application because in the application you can book tickets, re-schedule, and cancel your trip using just one application.

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