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Sunday, October 20, 2019

Weekend at Situ Gede, Alternative Tourism near the City of Tasikmalaya

Weekend at Situ Gede, Alternative Tourism near the City of Tasikmalaya

Tasikmalaya is one area in West Java which also has a lot of beauty and natural attractions, one of which is Situ Gede. Situ Gede is an artificial lake located close to the City of Tasikmalaya with an area of about 47 hectares with a water depth of about 6 meters.

In accordance with the name that represents it, "Gede" the lake is indeed quite large even if seen at a glance like the ocean that has an island opposite.

The distance is not too far so I decided to take a leisurely walk on the weekend with the aim of getting rid of fatigue after 5 days of work and looking at computers for that long #butuhpiknik.

Situ Gede itself has an important role for the people of the City of Tasikmalaya as a source of water to irrigate the agricultural land of the people around the lake. In addition to this important role, Situ Gede is also a recreational tourism site, you can even enjoy this lake while riding a boat.

If you ask what tourist attraction Situ Gede? the answer is the small island in the middle of this lake. Means no wonder that this lake is called Situ Gede because even a small island is in the middle, which means that the area of this lake is undoubted.

You could say Situ Gede is right for family recreation not far from the hustle and bustle of the city of Tasikmalaya.

Initially I thought that to go to Situ Gede from Tasikmalaya City was very far, but it turned out to be very close, not even 15 minutes with a smooth traffic situation. It is not difficult to get to Situ Gede, it can even be said to be very easy and does not need to climb the mountain through the valley... even still reachable by local and online transportation. For maps you can see below.

Situ Gede location

walking around here does feel good and the scenery is great. But unfortunately there is something that needs to be addressed, especially about cleanliness. Everywhere I see rubbish well indeed before coming here I saw a lot of reviews complaining about rubbish.

If cleanliness is maintained here might be even more beautiful scenery.

About the small island in the middle of this lake. I am also really curious on whether the island is only forest or is there inhabit? unfortunately the time was very short in Tasikmalaya knowing traveling back and forth so the time was very tight so there wasn't much that I explored in this lake location.

I don't need to worry about the facilities anymore, because if it is indeed a recommendation for family tourism, there are certainly many facilities in it such as toilets or even a place to eat even a boat ride.


  1. Danau yang ukurannya gede gini paling enak didatangi pagi-pagi buta, pasti seger dan dapet pemandangan yang airnya lagi bening kayak kaca.. duh asyik banget

    1. ya seru kayanya pagi-pagi disini. Tapi saya belum sempat ke Tasikmalaya pas sampai pagi huhuhu.... next time mau coba lagi kesini hehehe