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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The sensation of riding the train in the last train car is exciting!

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Kereta api Pangandaran di Stasiun Tasikmalaya

The sensation of riding the train in the last train car is exciting!

Traveling using train transportation has always been my mainstay. No need to be tired because of driving, just sit and enjoy the scenery throughout the trip. Well, there is one habit that I might often do when using a train that is ordering tickets on the very back of the train.

Talking about trains and carriages, actually I know the difference between "trains" and "trains" that technically the trains are defined as special passenger spaces in a train set, while they are used for goods.

But I took a term that might be in the KBBI and was commonly heard in the community, namely the carriage hehe.

When booking train tickets especially now the seats can be chosen by myself so I always choose to book seats in the back of the car either day or night. Maybe there are some people who "don't want to" sit on the last train, especially when the night trip is so quiet again.

Ah actually there is nothing to be afraid of or maybe it is normal, right? ha ha ha. The reasons are many if I mention why I often choose the rear car, because there are still many seats available and the coolest is being able to see the view from behind.

It has always been a hobby of back riding if the term used by railfans like me hehehe.

There was a time when most of them avoided back riding when the train used to be still using a straightforward or called extra wagons that are used to avoid accidents such as rear-end collisions or bumps.

But now the policy of using outspoken has now been revoked again and finally now can back riding again yeeee!

There are good and there are also bad in choosing a car at the final car. The good thing is being able to see the railroad scene which if recorded could be interesting content and if it was empty the passengers felt very peaceful especially when at that time

I took the Pangandaran train from Tasikmalaya and sat on the last train and was immediately surprised during the trip that one rear carriage was only me ! oh obviously this is very free hahaha.

It's not good when I arrive at the destination I want to go down to the platform I have to walk to the middle because I can't get the platform and it's a bit far to get to the exit if for example the exit is in the position of the front car.

Even though it actually has a bad feeling, but I don't think that it's a problem because as long as I have legs to walk why not? : D
Besides that, the view from the back of the train will look more exciting, I can enjoy the view when the train is turning. Hmm for content footage hunters like me, this is what can become content later.

Besides the railroad view from behind will be more clearly seen and very exciting during the trip. I don't know, according to people it seems normal but for me there is a sensation when riding a train in the rear car.

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