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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Misty morning from Tebing Keraton, Bandung

pemandangan dari tebing keraton

The natural scenery in Bandung is indeed always a favorite of visitors every time they visit Bandung. Even though I live in a city not far from Bandung, it is Cimahi, this time I want to try being a tourist in my own city, hehe. After a variety of discourses I think finally arrived to realize it, from the first I really want to try visiting the Tebing Keraton in Bandung and see the foggy morning atmosphere on it. He said the scenery there in the morning was very beautiful and refreshing of course.

pemandangan dari tebing keraton

This time I did not leave home, fortunately there was an opportunity to stay at one of the nearby hotels because since at that time there was an EPIC promo! so I looked for a hotel that was close to Tebing Keraton because if I go from my home I don't know how much time spares to start the journey to Tebing Keraton.

The atmosphere was still quiet that morning in the middle of the city. Because the sun rises at 05:30 so if I leave the hotel at 4:30 I guess I'll arrive right before sunrise time. So the travel time needed from the hotel to Tebing Keraton is not too long, about 20 minutes from Dago where I started my trip.

I thought that I would be the first person to get there. But my expectations turned out to be wrong, apparently the location of Tebing Keraton is very famous for the right location to enjoy the sunrise! and precisely that morning there were already a lot of people waiting for the sunrise to arrive hmm even though the sun did not appear once even covered by a hill. But even so it turns out visitors are looking for a morning atmosphere with a mountain background covered in morning mist.

pemandangan dari tebing keraton

pemandangan dari tebing keraton

pemandangan dari tebing keraton

This is the most difficult if for example I oversleep, at the edge of the cliff has many visitors and people who are busy take a selfie. So a little late then I will not get any moment here that can only be a swarm of people. It is indeed a pleasant one for enjoying the whole view from the top of the Tebing Keraton when standing on the balcony right at the end of this cliff. The view of the mountains will look very clear especially if enjoyed in the morning.

The morning atmosphere will be even busier because indeed the Tebing Keraton is a tourist attraction in Bandung for sunrise point. So it is not surprising that people swarm over the balcony of Cliff Palace like the photo below.

Sometimes to avoid the crowd, I try to stand on the monitoring tower in Tebing Keraton. Luckily the tower is still quiet so I can see a much higher view. But unfortunately some positions are blocked by tall trees thus limiting all the surrounding views.

pemandangan dari tebing keraton

As we know, the location of Tebing Keraton is an area of the Lembang Fault or Lembang Fault which can reach Mount Manglayang in East Bandung in length. This location is always monitored by BPBD or the Regional Disaster Management Agency as a disaster-prone location. Because the Lembang Fault is still very active and could one day move the land which caused a landslide or earthquake due to the ground movement.

Tips how to go to the Tebing Keraton

Now to Tebing Keraton there are many ways that can be used. You can use an online motorcycle taxi to get close to the gate, but if you use a car, unfortunately the parking location is very far from the entrance of Tebing Keraton so it would be more practical if you use a motorcycle. No need to worry about getting lost when heading to Tebing Keraton because its location is listed on Google Maps and can directly follow the path according to the initial direction you chose.


  1. Kalau melihat petanya kok aku curiga Tebing Keraton ini sama dengan BUkit Batu Patahan Lembang, betul mas? Soalnya dulu itu aku dari THR Juanda mampir ke air terjun Omas Maribaya.. dari situ deket. Tapi dulu bukit batu biasa belum ada penataan sama jalannya masih jelek banget. Bener gak ini?

  2. Memang betul mas Tebing Keraton ini masih di area patahan Lembang. Dulu sama sekali ga ada penataan apapun dan masih sangat natural hanya sebuah tebing saja. Tapi karena semakin terkenal karena indahnya jadilah tempat wisata dan penataannya pun sudah banyak berkembang dan jalannan pun sudah bagus.

    Oh Gunung Batu itu ? ya kemarin saya sempat kesana dan itu memang area patahan Lembang juga. Sayangnya kalau Gunung Batu itu bukan tempat wisata jadi agak susah buat kesana dan kalau bawa kendaraan harus pandai titip ke rumah terdekat ehehehe

  3. Mas klo bisa fotonya dibanyakin lagi dong, penasaran juga mau liat pemandangan tebing keraton :)

    1. Ok nanti saya tambahkan... terima kasih sarannya ya :)