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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Relax on the White Sand Tangkil Island in Lampung!

Pulau Tangkil, Lampung

Relax on the White Sand Tangkil Island in Lampung!

After waiting for so long and making a plan, it was time for me to set foot on the island of Sumatera. The first destination is Lampung. He said there are many places that are very beautiful and not far from the beauty of Eastern Indonesia.

Although this trip is very short but I think it's enough to enjoy the charm of Lampung which is rich in scenery and even reminds me of the beautiful white sandy beaches in Lombok.

Arriving in Lampung I immediately planned to go to Mutun Beach. This beach is very beautiful and quite close to Bandar Lampung. The characteristics of this beach can be said to remind me of Lombok on 2018.

The sea is blue, the white sand and the waves are friendly so that you can swim on this beach. But unfortunately the plan did not match expectations, it turns out there is an island opposite Mutun Beach which is far more beautiful if we can cross the name Tangkil Island.

Tangkil Island is indeed a very beautiful island, even when I set foot for the first time I was amazed by its similar beauty and brought me memories of when I was in Lombok. Ah so cool !!

pulau tangkil

Hey for you, a beach lover, I am sure Lampung can be used as a destination to relax! Lampung is no less beautiful with Bali and Lombok island. I spent an hours to enjoy the beauty of this island across from Mutun Beach.

Previously, when entering the Mutun Beach area, it would cost around 10-20 thousand rupiah per person. If you want to go to Tangkil Island you can also use the services of a boat with about 50 thousand per person for the commute to and from Tangkil Island. 

Besides that, in Tangkil Island you can try Snorkeling, Jetsky, Canoeing Flaying Fish or even Parasailing. Wow! there are indeed many attractions on this island. 

But unfortunately because I don't have much time so I can't enjoy the various attractions on this island even though I really want to try snorkeling at this beach. Who doesn't want to snorkel with blue sea and white sand here? Ah too bad maybe next time I have to try when it's long (hope it's not so crowded) hehehe.

Looking at the blue sea with views of the green hills and stepping on the white sand made me sink into the atmosphere of the beach. I even once sang a song from my favorite singer Monita Tahalea with her song titled "Memulai Kembali" and ah! I had immediately imagined that this trip was memorable even though only in a narrow time. 

But the narrowest time still must use every second on this beach, yes! must be enjoyed !!

There is a story that I have not told. This is when crossing from Mutun Beach to Tangkil Island. From the shore the ocean looks very calm because the waves are not like on the south coast of Java, which hit the shore fast. 

Indeed, the location of this Mutun Beach is in a bay so it does not face directly with the Ocean. Then I calmed down when I started crossing and headed to Tangkil Island. But when I was in the middle of the waves it felt very fast and the boat that I was riding was like floating around. 

Gosh! bring things that contain office laptops obviously make my heart beating "what if the boat is upside down" ah I've been thinking everywhere because of fear. Well! even though I can swim but still what I think is the contents of my luggage hmm. 

This is my first time carrying valuables when traveling like this. Fortunately it's okay to go back to Mutun Beach again, oh thank God the thrilling seconds. But everything paid off with all the beauty of Tangkil Island, believe me!

Lokasi : 
Pulau Tangkil, Sukajaya Lempasing, Padang Cermin, Pesawaran Regency, Lampung, Indonesia


  1. Bisa gak menginap di Pulau Tangkil? Enak nih kalau pantai bagus begini dibuat nginap bisa dapet momen matahari terbit/terbenam

    1. Bisa menginap disini dan bisa sewa tenda beralaskan matras yang disediakan pengelola disini hehe jadi enak seperti camping di pantai

    2. Wah enak ya sudah lengkap fasilitasnya udah tinggal bawa badan udah ada peralatan yang bisa disewa buat ngemping