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Thursday, September 12, 2019

This is my story ! Working, Reporting and Traveling

Ngantor dan Traveling

This is my story ! Working, Reporting and Traveling

A super busy job, a little leave and not to mention being pursued by a deadline, this is sure to be stressful and ultimately it doesn't even focus on work.

Wow, if you don't focus, it will affect your productivity! that's why I always travel even on weekends and tight. This is for the sake of concentration and the mind returns fresh!

This is the 8th month I started working in an office. Of course the days I passed by sitting all day looking at a laptop and making aches. Going through the same routine every day, for me this is the hardest thing because being accustomed to freedom and work is beyond passion.

But what power, if traveling automatically requires no small amount of money right? therefore inevitably have to go through any work for TRAVELING!

Sometimes my friends always say

"just traveling for days? just satisfied"
"Well, what else can I do, here I have a very short cut, so the only time that's right is the weekend"
"be patient"
"Happy!" : ') "

yes that's as long as I'm traveling with time from Friday to Sunday and the next day working again. Like a traveling need. Yes no matter how busy the actual passion must still be lived, calculating the investment for this blog going forward.

As traveler, traveling is almost as needs, because if I don't travel, I don't know what will happen to me hahaha. So actually there is no reason not to travel even though there are very few cuts.

Traveling while working on Reports !!
This is me who always works on reports and must be sent every Saturday. Duh the more crowded my work and the less time there is for traveling. Though this is my only treasure on weekends.

Hmm but again I have a way to get up at dawn on saturday morning and immediately do the report before leaving. If for example I have to leave on Friday, I am forced to bring my office laptop to continue my report which must be sent on time.

Actually a little afraid to bring an office laptop when traveling, afraid of being damaged or even (God forbid) is really dangerous. But bring the office laptop only when the trip starts on Friday really, if for example leaving Saturday afternoon or night yes will not bring a laptop.

So my principle, no matter how short the time is, traveling occasionally has to be. If not, then my lack of picnic will get worse hahahaha;)

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