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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Crossing the Sunda Strait in the Middle of the Night to Lampung

Traveling is not about the destination, it is about how the process of a journey
Selat Sunda di Tengah Malam

Crossing the Sunda Strait in the Middle of the Night to Lampung

Yes! I always like the quotes above as proof that the travel process is the most fun for some people. On Friday last week I was finally able to leave for Lampung by bus from Bandung. Many plans have been drawn up, but there are always those who make a mess.

Talking of traveling to Lampung using a bus automatically I had to cross the darkness of the Sunda Strait because my trip from Bandung departed from 19:00. On the Bandung trip to Merak as usual there is nothing special about the night trip other than sleeping in a royal class bus seat and staring at the lights outside my bus window.

My journey will take 9 hours, even if there are no obstacles such as traffic jams. Therefore I better just sleep.

After a few hours of travel I finally woke up and had seen the Cilegon toll gate, wow! means that soon I will arrive at the port of Merak, Banten. This is the moment! crossing the Sunda Strait for 2 hours.

The bus is waiting for the next boat that will take me to Bakauheni Port in Lampung. There are some rules and tips when going aboard

The rules

Passengers are prohibited from being on the bus while on the ship for safety.
2. Vehicle engine must be off.
3. Passengers are advised to occupy the seats provided.

To avoid loss, you should not store valuables on the bus while crossing.
2. Because crossing the Sunda Strait is quite time consuming, it is better to use it for rest.
3. Beware of being charged when sitting on the mat! it's better not to sit cross-legged on the mat if you don't want to be billed to pay hehe.
4. Occasionally go to the deck to enjoy the ocean at the same time so it doesn't saturate.

It was 2:00 in the morning when I was crossing the Sunda Strait. Somehow sitting in the passenger area made me much more bored than me standing staring at the dark sea with a strong night breeze.

Uh here it feels like it's in a movie so it's carried away. Fortunately, that night was a clear sky with moonlight shining on the surface of the sea, obviously this moment I enjoyed more even though the cold night wind in the middle of the ocean was blowing hard!

Here I get the experience of wading the seas at midnight even though the waves roar with heavy hit the ship, but fortunately I'm not drunk! ha ha ha.

I was surprised this ship could have reached the Port of Bakauheni faster. But alas, because this shipping lane is very congested, ships will then line up to lean on the dock.

When waiting in line the ship that I was riding on waited so long that I thought it would take me to another pier or around the island near the Bakauheni port hmmm. Luckily I love the ocean so how long won't it make me bored looking at this empty ocean like this heart! #jomblo !!

In a few moments, we will arrive at the harbor marked by the typical view of the Siger Tower when it arrives in Lampung after this ship waits for a long time in the middle of the ocean! Hmm unfortunately I arrived at night so I couldn't see the tower clearly.

Too bad, if it's really beautiful during the day. The time showed 4:00 and the ship was already leaning on the dock, now is the time to continue the journey to Bandar Lampung with the travel time of about 1 hour 45 minutes. Time to go back to sleep because there is still a long way to go!


  1. Jadi inget tahun 2000-an dulu setiap kali perjalanan ke kota-kota di Nusa Tenggara Timur yang harus naik kapal. Kenikmatan hakiki adalah saat berdiri di luar malam-malam menikmati buaian angin dan kadang tempias air laut. Ada romansa dan suasana sendu duh.. kangen naik kapal malem-malem nih

    1. Iya nih bang naik kapal malam-malam itu sangat mengesankan, saat di tengah Selat Sunda walaupun anginnya kencang dan air laut mengantam kapal tapi saya terbawa suasana berlayar gitu....