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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

The beauty of Puncak Guha Beach from South Garut

pantai puncak guha
Pantai Puncak Guha. Source : Dokumen Pribadi

Talking about South Garut of course also remembered the beauty of nature and green to be dubbed the Swiss van Java.

Who knows ? South Garut not only presents a variety of natural beauty such as mountains and green nature, but South Garut also has a variety of beautiful beaches that might make you amazed, one of which is the Peak Guha beach.

Puncak Guha is one of the beaches in South Garut which is nearby to Rancabuaya beach and is located in Sinarjaya, Bungbulang, Garut Regency, West Java. Puncak Guha Beach is indeed not like a beach as usual which has a stretch of sand or a long coastline.

The peak of Guha itself is like on a cliff, it is not surprising that the wind at this location blows with fast. Besides that, Puncak Guha Beach has Goa underneath and Goa is a place to live for cave bats.

Looking at the characteristics of the Puncak Guha, it looks like at Merese Hill if you look at the western side of the Guha Peak, it's just the difference if Merese Hill has a range of hills accompanied by a vast expanse of grass, but the Peak of Guha is only limited to a stretch of grass around it and also not has a long coastline.

The peak of Guha will look far more beautiful if you visit it during the dry season. Because all the charm will look very beautiful with the blue of the ocean and the blue of the sky so that the scenery will be very contrasting.

pantai puncak guha
Pantai Puncak Guha. Source: Dokumen Pribadi

Puncak Guha itself has the attraction as a charming selfie photo spot with such a beautiful view and we are at the end of a cliff that juts into the beach that faces directly the Indian ocean, waves and waves of green grass that adorn the views of the Puncak Guha and for sunset hunters Puncak Guha also has a very beautiful sunset panorama.

In addition, Puncak Guha  itself can also be a location for camping on the ocean side, not a few tourists who are interested in enjoying its charm while camping here.

Even though the wind blows fast at the Puncak Guha but it does not become an obstacle to enjoy the charm of South Garut through the beaches of Puncak Guha.

One of the most interesting things about Puncak Guha is its beautiful charm so that this beach has been exposed by the writer Dewi Lestari in his work entitled Perahu Kertas.

Then how do you get to the Guha Peak beach? You can take the easiest and closest access from the Bandung - Rancabuaya line via Pangalengan.

In addition, the Pangalengan route can also be one of the accesses that increase satisfaction to be able to enjoy the beauty along the road starting from Pangalengan to South Garut.

For road conditions on the Pangalengan - Rancabuaya path, it is already quite smooth, it's just that you still have to be careful when facing steep descent and climbs during the trip.

Existing facilities at Puncak Guha Beach are quite adequate with stalls and toilets and parking spaces that allow cars to enter. 

Before entering the Puncak Guha Beach area there will be an entrance fee of Rp 5,000 for each person, the entrance fee is not included with the parking fee which is managed by the Youth of the Local Village. 

With the very affordable entrance fee, you can enjoy various panoramas and the beauty of Puncak Guha Beach as far as the eye can see.

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