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Monday, July 15, 2019

The Sensation of Staying in the Middle of the Forest at Imah Seniman Resort

The Sensation of Staying in the Middle of the Forest at Imah Seniman Resort

The weekend has arrived, let us relax for a moment to see the greenness of nature, because the greens make our eyes fresh, right? Hehehe. Still about staycation, this time I chose to stay really not far from my home. 

It seems Lembang is suitable because the location is only 20 minutes from my home by motorbike, moreover the cold and cool air of Lembang makes me more comfortable when staying at the hotel I choose, Imah Seniman Resort.

As in general, a resort, located that really has its own beauty even though far from everywhere. But it may well indeed as a resort hotel, find a location that really can indulge. 

Initially I did not intend to stay at a resort but it just happened to be quite worth it already so that's how it feels to stay a hotel room around the forest, wow actually quite interesting also staycation in Lembang.

Only 1 night. No problem is how to be able to enjoy the service and comfort at the hotel. And by chance that day I just explored Pangalengan, it feels like enjoying the comfort in a hotel room is also allowed with a standard budget because I still remember the soul of this missqueen struggling hahaha.
Back again about Imah Seniman Resort. I took a room that was comfortable enough for one night, yeah, as previously discussed, why stay in a hotel room where the atmosphere isn't much better than the room itself? Hehehe.

If all wrote grab staycation room that might be really indulge. At Imah Seniman Resort I took a room with a forest view, because it was a coincidence that I had never slept and felt how I woke up with a view on the left and right sides of the forest (even though camping is hard, isn't it that hard?).

One more thing near the room that I ordered close to the lake that was designed by the hotel itself. Wow! Anyway it's really worth it ...
The atmosphere of the forest is really great with the sounds of forest insects that give the impression of life and indeed feels there in the middle of the forest with the comfort of a hotel room that makes it cool and enjoy!

The thing I like most about this room is its design which gives a traditional atmosphere with wooden floors but still gives a modern impression.

Apart from that there is no AC in this room, is it clear right? what for air conditioners when the normal room temperature is as cold as the rooms that use air conditioners and if I may be honest I shiver at night either because of Lembang weather or indeed extreme weather.

But this is the impression from Imah Seniman Resort. With modern things from a hotel room but on the other hand it provides traditional, art and Sundanese culture.

Here I see that the instructions use two languages, namely Indonesian and Sundanese, while English only exists in certain instructions.

Wow, at this rate, it's really good! behind the modern atmosphere of the hotel while maintaining traditions in accordance with their own area.

By the way, this next photo is outside the forest. And one more thing, the window in my room is really big, so the impression when I wake up is that the forest view is directly visible.

Even though everything looks good, but there are some things that I might not be satisfied with, the bathtub is too big, while the hot water is only a few liters, so I can't feel how to warm water in a bathtub, even though it is nice in cold weather to use warm water (confide) hmmm. But no matter what matters I take a shower! lol

For just 1 night staying in a hotel room with a forest view atmosphere, I think it is enough to provide a staycation experience yesterday.

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