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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Enchantment of South Garut, West Java

Enchantment of South Garut, West Java

South Garut region is already very famous for its natural beauty, especially if it is dubbed as Swiss van Java.

My current trip takes me to South Garut, even though it only passes by and does not visit one by one the most beautiful locations because there are millions of beauties that are impossible to visit one by one hehe.

In addition, Garut is surrounded by 3 volcanoes, including Mount Guntur, Mount Cikuray and Mount Papandayan. But this time I will not discuss the issue of mountains because I have never climbed huhuhu (the code wanted to climb).

Incidentally I was heading to the southern coast of West Java in South Garut, automatically going to cross many things about its charm, one of which I took through my camera.

Magnificent Mount Cikuray in Cikajang

It can be said when you go or return from Santolo Beach, it is certain you will see how magnificent Mount Cikuray is during the Cikajang area. The beauty of the forest on the left and right of the road during the trip makes this atmosphere so solemn.

Maybe for nature lovers, this beauty is really charming especially if those who like the height and love the mountains will definitely make me want to peak hehehe. I have never climbed a mountain at all, but one day I will try when all the preparations are ready.

The beauty of Swiss van Java in Talegong

Actually this is on the border between Cukul and Talegong but I think it is quite far from Cukul in Bandung Regency and has entered Garut Regency.

Seeing the blue sky without clouds, the mountains look beautiful and without the slightest fog makes the eyes so fresh to see scenes like this. Masha Allah ! what a beautiful creation of God.

If you're lucky you can enjoy this view without the fog covering the slightest in the mountain area, so it will look more beautiful when photographed. Besides that, the air around it was quite cold in the morning, so I was able to get cold even though the sun had already illuminated the whole area.

A breeze on thePuncak Guha

Garut also has many beautiful beaches and Puncak Guha is one of them. The view from the Puncak Guha is as if I am reminded of Merese Hill in Central Lombok. Looking around, the coastline is not as large as Merese Hill but I consider that Puncak Guha is the "Merese Hill" of West Java.

Every dry season the scenery will be much more beautiful because the blue sky without clouds and blue ocean adds to its charm. The wind blows hard, making this hair difficult to manage #loh. Ah but this is a characteristic of the coast with hills and breezes making me visit this beach 2 times.

If you look on the west side of the beach it looks like on Merese Hill and if you look on the east side of the beach the scenery changes like Uluwatu on Bali.
Although the surrounding area is quite arid in the dry season but this location is just right for camping on the beach and also the sound of the waves crashing on the cliffs as if it were music created by nature.

By looking at the photos above, are you sure you still don't want to travel? South Garut do not need to spend a lot of money, how important is it, how can you manage your finances just so you don't buy too many souvenirs hehehe.

From the photo above which is my favorite location is the panorama of Swiss van Java in Talegong. Great right? really taste in Switzerland, especially if you enjoy it on a sunny day!

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