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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Silent Morning in Yogyakarta

"Dear passengers in a moment Kahuripan train will arrive in Lempuyangan station" 

It was heard the train announcer, it was a sign that the train I was riding would arrive at its destination. A few minutes later, my train finally arrived at Lempuyangan Station, the atmosphere was still very quiet and the time showed at 3:00. I was confused what should I do this early in the morning. Then I waited until dawn later. The train that I was riding back on his way and seemed increasingly quiet at the time the station.

Waiting for dawn time in the passenger lounge chair. I see that many passengers have left the station because someone picked him/her up. Waiting for dawn to arrive and while writing my travel notes back. Alone at the station makes me like in the stories of people traveling alone. But despite being alone, I have never felt lonely in a city full of memories, namely Yogyakarta.

I will never forget this trip and will always be a story in the future. How cool and quiet the city is in the morning even though I feel it inside the train station. There are still several kiosks within the station that are closed, but some are already active at this hour. I see only motorcycle taxi drivers who are already active outside to wait for the next train passengers who will arrive.

It's almost time to show dawn, I prepare for the dawn praying then get ready to start activities out there. Everyone seems to be ready to move after dawn. I stepped out of the station, seen some people offering motorbike taxi to me, but my trip can be taken on foot to get to the Malioboro street, the heart of Yogyakarta.

I walked and the streets were still quiet and quiet and with enough lighting that made this story even more interesting because now I was walking alone in a big city. I was not afraid, for some reason as if the city was very safe. When I walked I saw a number of people passing by on their bicycles, this sight would be a distinct feature of this city. It's different when I walk in the morning in the city of Bandung. As if the City of Yogyakarta still has its own culture.

After about 15 minutes I walked and passed the road and the bridge at Kali Code. Usually I often see this region from dense from sunrise until midnight. But when I passed this road early in the morning, it was as if the road was taking a rest for a while. Silent and silent without the presence of large vehicles such as buses through the road.

pagi sunyi di yogyakarta
Photo by Fariz
After walking a few minutes from Lempuyangan Station. Finally I arrived at Malioboro street, the heart of Yogyakarta, which is so famous for its atmosphere from the past until now, it has never changed. I see this road still quiet in the morning. Only a few vehicles passed by and I saw tourists who had just arrived in the city get out of Tugu Station. I see the splendor of the Tugu Station with bright lights lighting each building. What a beautiful sight, when activity was still very quiet from the passing of people to and fro in this city. Maybe it was only this moment in the morning that I could see the heart of the city resting for a moment from the hustle and bustle of the crowd.

pagi sunyi di yogyakarta
Photo by Fariz
I walked along Malioboro Street. What a quiet morning! usually I see here is very crowded when I arrive at night or in the afternoon. But the atmosphere seems different when in the morning. Only a few people who move on this road such as women who hawking snacks in the morning, passing buses, men who peddle their rickshaws and offer services to tourists who come. This view has not changed at all even though it has been dozens of years I always come back here every year.
pagi sunyi di yogyakarta
Photo by Fariz
The sun has illuminated the sky in Yogyakarta and finally arrived at the end of Maliboro Street and finally arrived at the zero point of Yogyakarta. Although the sky was blanketing, but a million charms never disappear and the warmth and friendly garden of the people around me still felt. Along the path that I have traveled.

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