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Thursday, June 6, 2019

National Gallery of Indonesia, Home for connoisseurs of art

National Gallery of Indonesia, Home for connoisseurs of art

The National National Gallery or GNI is a paradise for art connoisseurs from folk to contemporary. Sometimes this location is often a temporary exhibition location in the exhibition building.

For connoisseurs of art, this GNI might be a reference for looking for painting ideas or other works of art, with proof that there are painters who pour their ideas on a canvas and sit on the edge of a cafe. Just like in Europe hehehe.

Located in Central Jakarta near Gambir station, there are a lot of works of art from great artists from Indonesia and even the world. The works on display in the permanent space area are paintings and works of art from great artists of course.

The National Gallery of Indonesia (GNI) is the 'home' for the best art works of the archipelago and abroad. The best GNI collections can be enjoyed by the public through a permanent exhibition, which since 2015 has been manifested in a new concept through an informative and interactive arrangement of works and spaces.

In this gallery you will be invited to traverse the history of art in this country, from the pioneering era of Indonesian modern art, Mooi Indie, Persagi, art galleries, to contemporary art. 

Presenting works of various art practices consisting of painting, graphic arts, sculpture, installation art, video art, to media art and exhibited through various media so that visitors can understand the displayed art easily.

In the National Gallery of Indonesia, in the Raden Saleh Sjarif Bustaman section for example a lot of great art exhibited in one room one of which is a painting like the following picture

Tips on Visiting the National Gallery of Indonesia

1. Know the rules in general

First, luggage except mobile phones and cameras must be left when entering the building area

Second, it is forbidden to bring food and drinks. Of course this is to avoid the dirty area of the building and the works of art on display.

Third, fill in the visitor list.

Fourth, it is not allowed to touch the display, sitting on the floor or squatting is not allowed.

* When entering will be explained again about the rules for visitors

2. Cultivate, but don't touch the museum gallery.

3. There is no fee entrance ticket and anyone can enter GNI

4. The GNI location is very close to Gambir station so that the location will be easily found.

5. Enjoy every corner of the museum.

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