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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Karang Tawulan Beach, exotic beach from Tasikmalaya

Karang Tawulan Beach, exotic beach from Tasikmalaya

My interesting to the beach will be endless. After exploring the southern coast paths in Cianjur and Sukabumi, now is the time to see the beauty of the beach in Tasikmalaya.

This trip also continues the previous trip which started from Rancabuaya Beach in Garut until finally arrived at Karang Tawulan Beach. If you say that the beach is quite far from the famous beaches, it is not bad, but if you take it from Cijulang it can be quite close. Although it is still a bit far.

It is about 90 kilometers from Tasikmalaya City or 60 kilometers from Pangandaran. Between far or near to reach this beach. Maybe this is the reason why this beach is not so crowded. Even though this beach has an amazing panorama with a million charms in it, especially when visited on a sunny day.

The beauty of this beach will be far more beautiful than usual and no less than the beaches in Pangandaran or Sukabumi. Believe me!

By seeing the photo above, I guarantee that this beach will make you remember the beauty of the beach in Bali, right? But this is only in Tasikmalaya. Coral decoration on the coast as above makes this beach more beautiful, especially for photo lovers, this beach is quite Instagramable.

You can take pictures on the edge of the reef and face the small coral island opposite. It's just to reach the tip of this reef must be careful even though the path is safe enough. In addition, the waves that hit the reef were also quite heavy roaring coral, but that is the sensation of this Karang Tawulan Beach.

One more thing, the tourist attraction that is served from Karang Tawulan Beach is the existence of a small coral island in the middle of the blue ocean. This attraction is actually not to be missed by tourists visiting this beach.

Finally, even though the location is far away, believe that its beauty will not make you regret it. Especially during the trip, especially if you go along the south coast in West Java, the scenery will never stop showing its exoticism, especially there will be more beaches traversed if you go along the south coast.

Tips for travel to Karang Tawulan Beach

1. From Tasikmalaya City only takes 90 kilometers, while from Pangandaran 60 kilometers. Because of its position in the middle so wherever the road will feel far either through via Pangalengan and the City of Tasikmalaya. If you're lucky, you happen to be on vacation in Pangandaran.

2. Karang Tawulan Beach is neatly arranged and the facilities are quite complete.

3. The tourist attraction is the small coral islands and coral rocks on the coast.

4. The view will be much more beautiful if visiting on a sunny day.

5. If you want to take pictures at the end of the reef, try to wear clothes that are comfortable and easy to move.

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