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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Exotic journey with Siliwangi Train

ka siliwangi

Exotic journey with Siliwangi Train

Traveling doesn't have to always be by visiting tourist attractions that are well known to many people right? Now I tell you about my journey with the Siliwangi Train from Cianjur to Sukabumi. 

I didn't use it all in vain. Well, a few years ago I had also taken the Siliwangi train, my enthusiasm for this train was because it had long since inactive and of course it was interesting because before I had never known how beautiful the track was.

source : dokumentasi pribadi
The first experience is the most memorable thing. Honestly, I have never seen the beauty of the Cianjur - Sukabumi route, which used to be a long time inactive. After all this time waiting for this line to be reactivated.

Seen when I boarded the Siliwangi train, the community was so enthusiastic to see the train passing, naturally it's been years that the non-active train had finally passed again. But instead it turns! now the Padalarang - Cianjur route is non-active because it is still repairing the road terrain from stage 1 to stage 3 before it can actually be traversed by the train.

I just hope it will be activated soon, because this path is exotic and an alternative for me to go to Bogor or Jakarta later hehehe.

It is very profitable finally have a Siliwangi train that can explore this exotic way. Moreover, the cheap tickets are only Rp. 3,000 with lines such as tourist lanes, obviously I am very enthusiastic.

Because just leaving from Cianjur station, the view outside the window has been presented with the splendor of Mount Gede.

Gunung Gede 

Seeing Mount Gede while riding the train and seeing the land of rice fields of Cianjur made my experience more valuable because of this train I felt like I was riding a tourist train at a cheap price.

source : dokumentasi pribadi
Every trip has its own panorama and story in it. That's why the journey actually comes to more ideas to tell stories later.

Just as when passing through Pasirhayam I saw Mount Gede high towering behind the train window, the stretch of rice fields in Cilaku or Cibeber, the crush of the hill in Sindangresmi, passing tunnels that were already a matter of centuries in Lampegan to natural beauty in Cireungas.

Can you imagine how exotic this pathway is?

source : dokumentasi pribadi
The most interesting plot with a beautiful view. I only know the name of the area, Sindangresmi because it is close to Sindangresmi station, but now it is only an inactive station and now the condition is damaged.

This line has many stations and shelters which I think cannot be used anymore, so Siliwangi train only stops at the designated stations. Maybe if in the 90s the Cianjur or Argo Peuyeum Local Railway could stop at the station.

source : dokumentasi pribadi
Here it is the oldest train tunnel that is active to date. Lampegan Tunnel, I don't know in detail about Lampegan. But the origin of the word from "Lamp a gaan" which means to turn on the lights when the Dutch used to say turn on the lights before entering this tunnel before the whole train goes dark.

The journey takes approximately 1 hour from Cianjur to Sukabumi and vice versa. With such a view the trip will be even more exciting because the beauty of this train track will really make you like riding a tourist train. Hoping that if the Padalarang - Cianjur route is back active there will be a tourist train along this path. Amen

With only IDR 3000 you can enjoy the beauty as above with Siliwangi Train. But, to get the ticket you also need to queue. Well, there is something easier and can be ordered through KAI Access using the LinkAja payment method. That way you don't need to worry about running out of tickets because local train tickets are now booked.


  1. Jalur selatan emang pemandangannya waktu naik kereta api keren banget.. dulu pernah sekali waktu salah naik kereta yang harusnya Solo-Jakarta keliru Solo Bandung dan alhamdulillah jadi tahu seperti apa pemandangannya. Jadi pengen naik kereta lagi

    1. Saya juga sebenarnya lebih suka pemandangan di jalur Padalarang - Cianjur - Sukabumi - Bogor daripada via Purwakarta dan itu indah banget lebih lagi keretanya cuma satu2nya yang beroperasi di jalur itu. jadi kaya naik kereta wisata aja. Tapi memang jalur selatan itu lebih indah

  2. Cianjur sukabumi masih go show tiketnya, blum bisa via kai akses..
    Pdhal saya juga mau nyobain naik kereta ini,,sengaja dri bogor mau kesukabumi dlu..

    1. Bisa pakai KAI Access coba update terlebih dahulu aplikasinya lalu cari pilihan Local Train. Disitu sudah bisa dipesan tiketnya