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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Traveling to Sindangkerta Beach in Tasikmalaya

There have been many beaches in the south of West Java that are starting to be famous for their beauty to attract the interest of local and foreign tourists. The beach is indeed one of the attractions that tourists always glance at.

Actually beaches in Indonesia are many beautiful but rarely exposed and even touched by tourists.
Sindangkerta Beach is one of the beaches in Cipatujah, Tasikmalaya, West Java and is about 90 km from the center of Tasikmalaya City which may not be talked about by many tourists.

Many think this beach is arid, not so beautiful, the waves are fierce and rocky making this beach can only be seen and enjoyed alone.

It is true that Sindangkerta Beach has its own character to expose its beauty. One of them is the distance of the waves to get to the coastline which is very wide like a field on the beach accompanied by an old beacon tower which adds to the harmony of this beach.

This is one of the characteristics that I started to like this beach.

As longer I enjoy this beach, the more curious I will be the charm of the hidden beauty of this beach. As if the beach is talking to me to look for the beauty that it hides. Although far from the city center, facing obstacles, but I do not regret to visit and spend time on this beach.

Looking for what is unique from this beach and I finally found a point where the beach is like a white sand beach with views like in the middle of a tropical island.

Looking for the hidden beauty of the Sindangkerta beach, I think the scenery is much different, far more beautiful than when you first glimpse this beach. The quiet beach is just the waves and the wind adds a melodious and solemn atmosphere.

What people say about this beach which is nothing but can only be enjoyed by the eyes without being able to play water because of the fast pounding waves, but the charm says otherwise. As if this is the result of Sindangkerta beach exploration.

The beauty of the Sindangkerta beach in Tasikmalaya also its charm is no less beautiful than the other beaches in West Java. Even though the location is far from the city center, the waves are strong, and the coast is full of coral, the charm is so refreshing.

If explored further, Tasikmalaya has a myriad of beauty charms, one of them is Sindangkerta beach. So fabulous!