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Saturday, May 18, 2019

One day in Semarang City

lawang sewu

Finally able to travel again 2 months ago after being tired and busy working in the office. It turns out to be true when it enters the scope of work for less time traveling. No wonder that many college friends used to say "just enjoy your college time, if you already work you won't be able to do this again" okay agree. But never mind, I want to talk about Semarang. You know ? my previous trips were always short, but even though it was really important, I enjoyed enjoying the city of a million spring hehehe.

As usual, I am always on the spot, if I want to go anywhere, if on the spot I can't go far and it's expensive. Understandably this misqueen (poor soul) thrashed asking for money for traveling. Yes, finally I decided to go to Semarang alone. Why Semarang? maybe I have already explained in a post about staycation in Semarang but this time I want to share my experience if while in Semarang I was trapped!

Hah! trapped? certainly what you have in mind if you don't miss your ticket or miss your flight or train Yes indeed I was trapped in Semarang, trapped in nostalgia. Ah, dear! ha ha ha

Really trapped because while traveling around the city of Semarang I felt back in the colonial era. Especially when it's around the Old City. Gosh, I feel like I'm trapped in time. It's just that in this era there are no Dutch people and everything is modern

kota lama semarang

kota lama semarang

kota lama semarang

Surrounding the city of Semarang when the drizzling rain falls. But luckily it didn't get sick for next day because I had to go back to work again. And luckily going home can be faster because of boarding the plane. Sultan is free! even though this soul is still attached to missqueen (poor soul) hmmm. There was a time when the hours before I wanted to go home I was almost lost in Semarang alone. I was lost because I was confused about where else to go, but fortunately feeling really said that I had to come here. Starting from the Old City, Lawang Sewu and Kampung Pelangi

Talking about Lawang Sewu, now it can be entered without a guide. In the past, when I went to Semarang, I wanted to enter Lawang Sewu, it was a must with guide. So, failed to see the architectural grandeur. But now it has changed a lot, Lawang Sewu has now become a museum where all the history of Indonesian railways is explained in it. In addition, the ticket price is now IDR 10,000 / person. So, Lawang Sewu can now be entered even if only solo travel. Fortunately solo traveling, if I travel with my friends maybe I would not be able to learn the history of railways and moreover I am a railroad lover or called Railfans.

lawang sewu

Next to Kampung Pelangi. Hospitality number 1 here. Although the journey is quite draining from Lawang Sewu to Kampung Pelangi because I am walking hehe. While it can still be reached by foot, yes I will walk. That is me. But after arriving I was quite entertained because in a village that might be just ordinary now transformed into a tourist location. Well, it's really good in the middle of town to have something unique and colorful. Hopefully in Bandung will soon follow such a colorful village.

kampung pelangi semarang

There is no entry ticket to enter Kampung Pelangi. This village is indeed like a village where residents live in general, it's just that draws attention is that throughout this village all colored. And here I learn, to bring hospitality tourists must stay awake let alone cleanliness. Besides that there is a peak where the writing of Pelangi Village is located. There I can see around the heart of Semarang. Great anyway. When I came here I was reminded of the song "Hai" by Monita Tahalea, if I'm not mistaken it was also shot at this village. That's why I came here. Beautiful end before the trip to the airport in Semarang.

I am indeed trapped here. Caught in nostalgia in the Old City, the hospitality of the city is what makes you miss you, good food like Lumpia and Lekker and trips around the city of Semarang. Caught in the atmosphere and not trapped because I could not go home;).

4 Travel Tips in the City of Semarang

1. Get to know the transportation. Like, Trans Semarang and other Public Transportation
2. Semarang bawah (near the beach) is quite hot and humid, so wear cool clothes
3. Always use a map if your first time visit Semarang.
4. If confused ask the local people. Semarang people are friendly.

3 Recommended Semarang Tourist Locations for Short Time

1. Semarang Kota Lama
2. Lawang Sewu (Entry ticket fee IDR 10.000/person)
3. Kampung Pelangi

Short Vlog of Semarang City

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