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Monday, May 27, 2019

Bukit Senyum and The Adventure

Tourism in West Bandung will never end. From north, south, east and west West Bandung always spoil the eyes for you who like the natural scenery on the mountain. Well for those of you who want to take a vacation in West Bandung, there is a tourist location called Bukit Senyum. The charm of its beauty Bukit Senyum will pamper yourself with the cool air at the foot of Mount Burangrang. Not only this location is a camping place for those of you who want to try to unite with nature without having to climb mountains.

Located in GANJARSARI, VILLAGE CIPADA, CIKALONG WETAN, BANDUNG BARAT DISTRICT, JAWA BARAT. It's very clear this location is in the area of West Bandung regency. But West Bandung is broad, it could be directed to Batujajar or Cililin. Therefore, I complete the address above so that it does not "kasasab (lost)" the term Sundanese.

The entrance ticket is also cheap, only IDR 5.000 / person plus the most parking motorbike is IDR 10.000 or if you bring a car, that's no different. So, it's not more than 20,000 Cheap? Now, Let's go to Bukit Senyum! Then Exploring Cikalong Wetan. A place where a million charms are still very beautiful and rarely visitors who make a headache because of crowded.

bukit senyum

"Then what favor of God did you lie to?" the words in Ar Rahman's are always in my mind. For some reason because I often see beautiful scenery and at the same time remember how perfect God created this nature in such a way. Green forests, majestic mountains, cool air has been proven that we as humans should be grateful.

bukit senyum

I walked among the pine trees. I have imagined what I would think. It is certain that walking in the middle of the forest is about adventure and meeting clever deer. With a glance of eyes here and there seeing what I will find in this forest.

bukit senyum

Oh no! Where am I ? Am I starting to lose my way? I can't find my way back. At a time like this, who will save me in the thick of the forest? I only believe in nature that will lead me to find a way out when I lose my way in the forest until someone finds me safe. The key is to be patient and believe because nature also hears what you want.

bukit senyum

Thank God nature has listened to all the complaints and because of patience, I get the results of patience so far. You know ? nature is alive and they can feel happy by sharing it through beauty and they will get sick which results in disaster by what we did. Once again many things we can learn through nature. Confidence, patience and optimism.

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