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Thursday, May 30, 2019

10 Tips Traveling by a Train in Indonesia

For you who really like traveling and this time planning to use the train, of course riding a train is very exciting, especially if you are with friends or family. If you go together with friends with friends who are already very experienced using the train it's okay, but what if both are inexperienced? It's easy, riding the train in Indonesia isn't as difficult as you think. Just follow the following tips!

  • Try booking for tickets well in advance. To avoid running out of train tickets especially if the holiday season such as school holidays, Eid Al Fitr, Christmas etc. Currently train tickets can be book before 90 days through station counters, online channels such as traveloka et al, and the KAI Access application as well.
  • Book tickets online. Many ways to be able to order tickets without having to come directly to the station as before, now more and more online channels can make it easier to order train tickets and now it's even easier to order train tickets especially if there is a promo. You can find the promo tickets here

  • Make travel plans. Determine your departure city, destination city, train class (Economy, Premium Economy, Business Class, Executive, Priority and Luxury) and departure schedule when you are going to book train tickets both at the station and online.
  • Bring your snacks. Long trips will be very tiring, especially if you ride the train whether it's from Jakarta to Surabaya / Malang and vice versa. Of course, during the trip, snacks should not be forgotten so that they do not get bored because they are confused about what to eat....
  • Don't Forget to Bring a Phone Charger ! Now, smartphones can't be released at your home, especially when traveling isn't easy if it's not an do selfie and update status such "on the way to..." hahaha. Now on every train, electric sockets are always available. So don't be afraid of your smartphone running out of battery.
  • Bring an Identity Card. ID card, passport, family card and others are identities that you can carry one of which will later be used for the boarding process to take the train that is your destination.
  • Print boarding pass tickets at the station. If you book in advance, the ticket will usually be in the form of a blue sheet or receipt (if ordered online). The ticket must be printed and exchanged into a boarding pass ticket so that you can board the process at the station to take the train you are going to.
  • Come to the station early. To avoid various things whether it's traffic jammed when heading to the station, which can result in you miss the train, come early at least 1 hour at the origin station. Because when at the station you have to print boarding pass tickets which are usually in the holiday season the queue to print tickets will be long.
  • Re-check tickets and departure schedules. Customize your name, departure schedule, train name and seat number.
  • If confused please ask. If you have difficulty try to ask the officer for more information.
Riding the train is easy, relaxing, and exciting, right, even though you are a beginner, you can definitely ride the train without having to worry about it. Happy Traveling! :-D

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