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Monday, March 4, 2019

Keep Traveling Even though It's Becoming an Office Worker

Yogyakarta, Nol Kilometer

Finally, this year I started to start a new fate as an office worker who works with laptop every day and works under pressure. There are fun because it's not called as jobless anymore. But there is also another side, so the office worker means there is no more enjoying traveling on a weekday. And my annual leaving time are a little. So inevitably I have to steal the time when the weekend comes.

Different from when I was in college, I often saved up my money and traveling. Of course the bucketlist is already neatly organized to go where and what. But after becoming an office worker, sometimes you don't need to save so tight, but on the one hand there is only a small amount of traveling time, even though I only have a weekend. Even though this busy work is, but when it comes to passion I won't stop just because of working in the office. Once said that experience was an investment, especially passion and work right now is not right.

Follow your Passion
2 Weeks ago I managed to travel when I was an office worker. Although only 12 hours in Yogyakarta. I don't know if it's called traveling or not, but I traveled to the corners of Yogyakarta city at that time. Like a Weekend Warrior. My bucket list for this weekend seems like I want to try to land in Sumatera for the first time. Between Lampung or South Sumatera. But everything is still in the plan because being a Weekend Warrior I have to really think and planning, how can I do it in a short  time? The more complicated it is, even though it is simple. Maybe it's me who makes it complicated hahahaha oops.

I am still writing on this blog. So becomes an office worker does not mean I have to leave my passion and loyal readers of my blog.

Maybe in the next article I will write more about my tips as a Weekend Warrior hehehe. My passion remains in the outside world whose hobbies are exploring. If you say rich, it's really the opposite of my current fate. But whatever it is for the achievement of dreams, I have to fight. Right?

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