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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Gets Hotel Semarang Review and 5 Staycation Tips

The trip in this time are a bit far from the word backpacking even though actually going to the city of Semarang is still wearing a backpack, but a flashpacker-style budget. Tired with work in the office, because you know that I actually want to work in a scope that is quite free, hehehe. But, like it or not, I have to work hard to build this blog so that later I can become a full-time blogger. The hope!

This time I wanted to relax a bit with a comfortable level of comfort, so it was decided I would staycation in a hotel in the city of Semarang. Although the term staycation is a holiday but it does not leave the city or the country itself, he said, the term staycation used to be like vacationing at home, but the longer this term became a stay at a hotel near home or still in their own country. Even though I actually strayed away from home but the important thing was still in my own country so it could still be called a staycation (maybe). Gosh, don't blaspheme me: '))

Why Semarang? I chose Semarang because I could explore all of this city that I had visited before but had not been able to tour the city. Moreover, the pleasant atmosphere of the old city like nostalgia in the Dutch colonial period. So, it's quite worth it staycation in this city to shed all those longing for this city.

For a staycation, I have to choose a hotel that is all good and quite luxurious, because it's also useless for a staycation, but the comfort of the room is not much different from the room itself at home. Also try PayLater from Traveloka, so just choose a nice hotel. With PayLater, it feels like traveling more easily, especially since the installments are not complicated and there are no hidden costs. Moreover, the installments can be paid 6 to 12 months hehe. 

Well, back again to the hotel I chose. This time I chose Gets Hotel. The reason is because of its strategic location close to the Old City which is indeed its trademark Semarang many in the Old City. So you can explore together.

About Gets Hotel, even though I stayed overnight but a hotel with a luxurious atmosphere makes the staycation even more comfortable, especially in the room where I slept, it's like I'm a lucky person who can enjoy the luxury of the hotel and enjoy the view in the window directly facing the Old City really a plus here.

Cek langsung tarif dan ketersediaan kamarnya disini 

Gets Hotel Semarang

I see outside the view of the former city of Semarang. It's beautiful right ? it's not in vain to staycation even if it's just one night but the view is full all day and even more so the night is always beautiful. So during the staycation at this Hotel my vacation was full of meaning. So basically, as much as possible look for a room that presents an unusual view from your room at home. Checklist OK.

Checked in at PM 02:00, when I entered the room, take a photo of the room before being untidy. Or before you continue to fall asleep, you can enjoy facilities such as swimming pools, bars (it happens to be in a bar), or you can hang out in the lobby. My bed room in my house isn't fancy and luxury. Now OK.

Enjoying coffee while looking at the view is a must when in a hotel room. Why? For me this is the most relaxing thing compared to my own room haha. as well as spoil yourself. Well, what is a staycation for if you don't treat yourself.
This is my breakfast on this hotel. I think it's good and delicious cuisine for me. When I stay in the hotel I am always drink that Apple juice because so tasty.

There is something unique about the Gets Hotel in Semarang when breakfast, they provide Jamu in the beverages section. Wow, for me this is unusual because there is a traditional drink in a five-star hotel haha. But the best is still the Jamu Gendong :3.

During the staycation, I'd like to give 5 tips if you're interested in a staycation, whatever the reason:

1. Select a Hotel (Stars and Locations)

As much as possible choose a hotel that is better than the your bedroom itself, because you have to choose hotel room that more comfort rather than your bedroom in your house. Location as much as possible the most strategic, such as near restaurants, malls or other hangouts.

2. Invite your friends or family

There are some people who choose to stay alone. Maybe for me time. But if you want a friend to chat so it's not lonely, you can really invite friends or family.

3. Easy booking

Now there are already many travel sites that provide tons of hotel choices. I chose Traveloka yesterday because it is more often and already familiar with the order flow hehe.

4. Maximize Hotel Facilities

Paying expensive with these facilities is certainly a thing that should not be missed when staying at a hotel. But there are some facilities that might exclude when booking a hotel room. So if you exclude there will be additional costs. But the point is to use the best possible facilities that are not at home and what you need.

5. Spoil yourself

The purpose of a staycation is not far from spoiling yourself in a comfortable room.


  1. Duh yg staycation sendirian bikin ngiri aja 😅

    Btw ini sukses bikin aku ngilerrr 🤤 soalnya sudah lama mengidam2kan bisa staycation.
    Thanks untuk tipsnya. Berguna banget

    1. Ayo ceritakan juga bagaimana kalau staycation di Sukabumi 😆