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Saturday, March 16, 2019

All Thanks to Angkringan

Angkringan PJL Geser Jalan Malioboro
Actually I have been wanting to share this for a long time but now that I think about it, just write it. Who doesn't know that Yogyakarta has a lot of angkringan everywhere, for a low class traveler I am the most of a person who eating at angkringan. So it's not surprising that Yogyakarta can be a cost-friendly destination, especially if it's a solo traveler like me.

In the past, I actually used to travel very desperately to Yogyakarta, with  only IDR 400,000 for 2 nights. Not yet a joint venture inn. As for friends in Java, I am Wong Edan. Ah, but I don't always have to bring a lot of money anyway, but when I was in Yogyakarta I was more often at the inn than wandering outside. Actually not because I'm lazy to wander, but what makes lazy friends who are difficult to wander around. Basically he is lazy to go everywhere if in Bandung too hmmmm.

But even so, I ended up wandering alone. It was always from before. Understandably acute single traveler :'). IDR 400,000 for 2 nights was already reduced by the joint venture accommodation costs around 150 thousand. I used to be unlucky because I followed people who offered lodging when they arrived in Jogja. So lodging that may be somewhere else can be tastier and cheaper but it is forced because the moment is already holding to go to bathroom. Duh, the narrowness of this world! if you hold on to "release my self", right ?!

After deducting. As a result, the remaining money is IDR 250,000. This can only take part in a 12-hour itinerary in Yogyakarta, well, at least I can still wandering. Although in the end it actually holds a little hungry. So next I am looking for the ANGKRINGAN.

Turns out! not only in Yogyakarta when I need Angkringan. But during Solo Trip to Bali and Lombok. At that time I was unable to ride the train for almost 18 hours even though there were still 5 hours to get to Surabaya. Huft in the end I gave up in Madiun station because my friend told me to change the train for to continue to Banyuwangi with Wijayakusuma train. It's nice to have friends here and there, can anyone help when it's difficult situation.

While in Madiun, I did not dare to eat expensive food because it had not yet arrived in Bali. So at the destination can be messy and plans are all chaotic. So again I rely on Angkringan to eat. There is something that makes me wonder about Angkringan in Madiun and Jogja, I question the price. How come in Madiun the price with 1 packet of rice and iced tea is only valued at IDR 5,000 ?! Wow this isn't wrong? But it's quite a press budget. My friend is already know that I save money because my last destination still so far. Anyway, I'm not regret because I gave up at Madiun and met Angkringan for less than my lunchbox. "Pokok'e Manyus" in Javanese said hehe. More and more my life was saved because of Angkringan.

To the point is that when backpacking / solo traveling, you don't need to be ashamed of eating at angkringan, as long as you are full and healthy and can restore energy that is drained during the trip. Besides eating at Angkrigan, we can get to know the local community, and there I can also feel how friendly Yogyakarta and people in the Land of Java are. Because every time I eat at angkringan I feel served with a smile, both in Jogja, Solo, and Madiun in East Java.

In Yogyakarta it is called Cat Rice (Nasi Kucing), but in Madiun it's called Jotosan Rice (Nasi Jotosan)


  1. Kalau 400K di Yogya buat 2 malam sekalian jalan-jalan sih aman, masih sisa banyak malah. Tinggal cari penginapan kere hore buat backpack 50-75K plus makan diangkringan nasi kucing 3K minum air putih plus sewa motor 50K sehari... pengalaman waktu di Yogya dulu

    1. Sebenarnya masih aman sih memang, cuman karena dulu gara2 kepepet dan terpaksa ambil penginapan yang katanya murah padahal mahal jadi kesannya ga aman duit segitu tinggal nyisa sedikit. Dulu kalau bukan sama temen bisa sewa motor hehehe

  2. Duh aku besok mau berangkat ke Jogja. Kira2 bawa berapa duit ya 🤔

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