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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Yogyakarta in 12 Hours

Yogyakarta in 12 Hours

Last week, finally I able traveling to Yogyakarta even though I was an office worker. Just had a weekend and that was tight. Traveling like this can't be too far away and it's expensive too. I decided to go to Yogyakarta. But what makes it different from my previous trips, this is really impromptu and just commuting without staying overnight!

People say, I'm like a very fad who only has that much time to Yogyakarta. For me, it's usual because it's already like this before. Then for 12 hours there was really satisfied? can you go anywhere? So like this every time we have it must be utilized as well as possible. Plan where you want and whatever you want it there.

There are pros and cons as well as my 12 hour trip in Jogja. Hmm the pros is, I'm great at enjoying a short time. There are goals every hour. For example, some say "It must be tired without staying at leas 1 night" or "just wasting money," I said, the money spent is beneficial too. That can write this article, add information for those who only have a short time in Yogyakarta and sharing the experience.

As usual I departed from Bandung (Kiaracondong station) by the Kutojaya Selatan economy train to Kutoarjo station. Connect Solo from Kutoarjo to Yogyakarta by Senja Utama Solo train with special rates. Why not just go straight to Yogyakarta? yes maybe you know now that I've become an office worker and it's really hard for holidays. We can said that I am as "weekend explorer".
Quite a lot of places that I visited for 12 hours in Yogyakarta. Such as Kotagede, Taman Sari, Alun-Alun Kidul, Vredeburg Fort, and of course Malioboro street. With just 12 hours there are actually free time in it, but I don't want to force myself because this body also needs rest. There are some things that might not be available in such a short amount of time, which is the difficulty of exploring nature. Moreover, Jogja is quite extensive.

From the beginning I was never there, yesterday finally got there. Yes! Try going to Taman Sari, which is said to be the resting place of the royal concubines. Wow! the atmosphere is really like in the resting place of royal concubines especially if you see a very clear pool when you enter it.

Exploring Taman Sari

Seeing the pool makes you want to swim so clearly. Maybe the pool used to be a king's concubine to relax, okay? At the Taman Sari location, the tour facilities are quite complete, there are even some tour guides who are ready to take you around this Taman Sari. At first I wanted to ask a tour guide for my trip guide while in Taman Sari, but I did not have much time to go around that long. As a result yes just walk with my friend hehe.

The exterior made me feel like on the Dewata Island (Bali), even though in Yogyakarta. And the effect of the white balance of the camera makes it feel like it was in the past, not really imagined. If you go to Taman Sari, you should be satisfied with enjoying the atmosphere.

What room was this about before? Like a halfway house or just a room? The pose is sitting on the middle floor of the room with only chips, tissues and stones being Spongebob hikikomori lol. When entering into the rooms you have to be careful with your head because the doors here are so short.

Peek at the ex from the window, you know! Ah never mind. Looking out the window while sitting like that feels really enjoy. If there is a house like this, hmmm. It's a bit dark here, so if you want to take a real photo, you have to find the right spot for it to be good.

The way to the inside, it turns out there is a small yard like this. Very spacious, it can be used using for playing football hahaha. Even though the weather in Yogyakarta is so hot and dazzling, it always misses the culture and richness of the nature reserve, right? So 12 hours here is actually already made satisfied. Especially if for days.
Explore the Cultural Heritage in Kotagede
My friend said "Who do you want to buy silver for at Kotagede?" silver is expensive, my money just can use only for eat. Going to Jogja is not fun if you don't go to Kotagede. You will definitely feel the silence in the middle of the city of Yogyakarta. Moreover, the village is full of cultural reserves that make exploration increasingly curious.

Unfortunately, I forgot to make a photo of the silence of the village in Kotagede. Maybe I really enjoyed it so I forgot to capture the photo hmmm. I was carried away by the quiet and peaceful atmosphere of the village there, especially the clean streets with paving blocks and many shady trees during my trip around the village. Imagine what the atmosphere?

While in Kotagede, you have to stop at the Great Mosque of Mataram. This mosque has a distinctive architecture like a temple in Bali, but what sets it apart is the mosque. At night it's usually crowded according to the people there. And in the mosque there is the tomb of the king of Mataram. wow!

The entrance gate of the Great Mosque of Mataram that really has characteristics like a temple in Bali. You could say this mosque has a quiet atmosphere during the day, with lots of large trees around it. There is even a banyan tree that surrounds this mosque. I don't know more about the history of this mosque because I always have a little time to learn everything. Especially within 12 hours in Yogyakarta.

Walking around this mosque I think is enough to make me amazed because the architecture has its own characteristics. The yard is also spacious, even religious activities are always crowded here for those who recite reading the Al Qur'an or pray. If there is an opportunity to visit Kotagede, don't miss this mosque.

Kota Gede finally done to explore in second times. Then I returned to Zero Kilometer again. There are actually places that I haven't visited so far. In fact, they often go to Yogyakarta and often pass by. Namely Fort Vredeburg. This museum is located in front of the Agung Building and the Sultanate Palace of Yogyakarta. What I know about this fort is a building that was built during the Dutch administration as the seat of government and the Dutch defense resident. Surrounded by a moat, some of which has been reconstructed and can be seen today.

Not many explored at the first time this museum, when the stomach growling to be filled with food. So, want to read history in it also becomes unfocused. In this museum there are various kinds of rooms, but I suggest trying the introduction room before entering the Dioramas in this museum so that you can get more information. There is an entrance fee that you must pay to go to this Museum. It's cheap, it's only IDR 3,000 (for Local) and for Foreign tourist is IDR 10,000.

Because there isn't much to do and save time too, so I feel like a visit to Fort Vredeburg only for several minutes.

The last visit was before returning to the city of Bandung again. But I did not decide to go to Lempuyangan Station while the train arrived at a very long time. So I took the time to visit an exhibition at Bentara Budaya.

For art connoisseurs like me, Yogyakarta is like a paradise where art can be found anywhere. Fortunately I go to Bentara Budaya to see an exhibition painted by a painter named Mola. The story in his painting was interesting at that time by using Clown as the subject in the painting.
It's free to enter Bentara Budaya. But the benefits are that I can meet other artists who are here. And coincidentally there are also many Bandung people here.

Not only that, I could enjoy the artwork while waiting for the train to come home. Ending a short adventure in Yogyakarta by enjoying art, I feel very satisfied and many stories to take home later hehe.

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Okay! So, for 12 hours in Yogyakarta you can go to:

1. Kota Gede ( Free entry)
2. Mesjid Besar Mataram (Free entry)
3. Taman Sari (Entry fee : IDR 5,000 (for local), IDR 15,000 for (foreign tourist))
4. Alun-alun kidul (Free entry)
5. Alun-alun utara (Free entry)
6. Nol Kilometer (Free entry)
7. Malioboro (Free entry)
8. Benteng Vredeburg (Entry Fee : IDR 3.000 (for local), IDR 10,000 for (foreign tourist))
9. Bentara Budaya (Free entry)

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