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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Travel Tips to Cimahi Waterfall

Traveling  to Bandung is definitely looking for coolness and natural beauty that is served by the City of Bandung. Tourism in Bandung is not only within the scope of the city, but also the district which is a lot of amazing attractions such as the expanse of tea gardens, lake, historical heritage and of course waterfall. Well, if you are looking for Curug (waterfall) near the city of Bandung, there are actually a lot, but according to my style survey, it turns out that Cimahi Waterfall is a mainstay for lovers of waterfall. You could say this Cimahi waterfall was already known by foreign tourists, as proof of the last time I went to the Cimahi waterfall I saw a Japanese tourist visiting the Cimahi waterfall. Sugoi!

Curug Cimahi itself is now better known as Curug Pelangi (Rainbow Waterfall), but many also know this waterfall as Curug Cimahi because the original name is Curug Cimahi. The origin is called Curug Cimahi because the water that flows from this waterfall comes from Situ Lembang (Lembang Lake) lake water and flows into Cimahi City. There is another origin called Curug Pelangi because when it is sunny in this waterfall it often looks rainbow. Curug Pelangi also has a height of approximately 87 meters and makes Curug Pelangi as one of the highest waterfalls in the Bandung and surrounding areas.

Now Curug Cimahi has been improved a lot starting from the path in the form of stairs that have started to be good, the shelter provided also makes this Cimahi Waterfall even more Instagramable and perfect to take pictures above the height of the Cimahi Waterfall. The shelter you can pass when going down to the bottom of Cimahi Waterfall. So no need to be afraid to find the shelter difficult. Unlike the old days, Curug Cimahi is still lacking maintenance. But now because of the high number of tourists who come to make Curug Cimahi increasingly clean up. Remarkably though to go down or go back up from the bottom of the waterfall, tourists seem to enjoy it even though it takes quite a lot of energy when going down or up again. This is all because of the beauty of the charming Cimahi Waterfall.


In addition there are many other facilities such as food stalls, toilets, prayer rooms located at the bottom of the Cimahi waterfall and information center and guard post if you need information about the Cimahi waterfall. So, no need to worry if you just hungry to come to the shop or when prayer time arrives, the mosque has been provided.

Map Towards Cimahi Waterfall

No need to worry because of lost when to Cimahi waterfall because the access is very easy and the road is paved and not branched and is already on google maps. So, it's easier for you to find this Cimahi waterfall.

Travel Tips on Cimahi Waterfall
1. Prepare supplies. Go up and go down the stairs in Cimahi waterfall can drain your energy so keep drinking water.

2. Cimahi waterfall can be visited during the rainy or dry season, but if the rainy season the water debit are increase so be careful even though the guard post already exists in Cimahi waterfall

3. Information about the Cimahi waterfall, you can get by post information

4. The entrance ticket to Cimahi Waterfall is around IDR 10,000 to IDR 20,000

5. Use clothes as comfortable as possible

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