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Thursday, December 6, 2018

6 Tips So You Are Not Bored During The Trip

Moments during the trip either on a plane, ship, train, car or bus there must be a time where you will start to get bored with the long of the trip. Depending on the person indeed, there are those who like moments of travel there are also those who get bored quickly too. But if the journey is longer than 8 hours let alone 12 hours it will definitely start to get really bored right?

Well, this time I want to share about my version of experience and tips for things that I used to do on my trip when I'm bored. Ah never mind some people would do the same thing with what I do when I'm traveling hehehe. Immediately, here are 6 tips:

1.Read a book

When traveling with a fairly long duration, actually this is the right moment for reading a book or completing a novel that you read. Anyway, any book as long as it's entertaining and not heavy to read. Usually when I am on my way, I like to read books about traveling to be more enthusiastic when traveling or if I don't read most novels that have not been read. If for example there are no books, you can read and read the blogs, at least there is reading for entertainment during the trip.
2. Listening to music
During the trip the most fun is listening to music. There are many benefits to listening to music during the trip, which can eliminate drowsiness, sleepiness, boredom and so on.

3.Playing Game
Playing games can also be fun while spending time traveling with entertainment. If I usually play games that don't need internet signal, because surely in some places if you take the train, the main bus will be an area with no signal. How about a plane? no need to ask again haha Never mind the internet, cell phone signals must also be prohibited when already on the plane,

4. Catch a Photo

Outside the vehicle window, there will always be a beautiful view when viewed, as beautiful as I am with him. The photos from the vehicle turned out to be entertainment options while traveling, especially if the hobby is photography.

5. Casual chatting
The best choice too. Chat with friends or other passengers while traveling. According to my own experience, if you've entered the chat with an exciting topic and with the same thought, the time of the trip will not feel like I really know. Whatever you can chat, as long as it's not just a matter of the office being talked about. Want to talk about food, food, traveling tips, students, even gosipping can really be interesting things when traveling hahaha.

6. Sleeping

Sleeping is the most appropriate if there is already nothing interesting to do. Or indeed the trip is late night so you must sleep hehe. But sometimes we sleep because it's more bored, because bored makes us tired. Is that right?

So, there are lots of things you can do while traveling. Just choose what you think is fun. Or have something more interesting? can comment below.

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