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Monday, December 31, 2018

5 Portrait of the Beauty of Sukabumi

Talking about Sukabumi, who is not impressed with the variety of beauty? I also always like the natural beauty that is served from Sukabumi. Actually, recently I just went to Sukabumi and went to Ciletuh Geopark. But unfortunately, because of the very steep road terrain there made me stop in the middle of the road other than that the vehicle was inadequate for such a dangerous track (instead of taking the risk). But it's okay if I can still enjoy the portrait of the beauty of Sukabumi other than at Ciletuh.

Pantai Cimaja
Cimaja Beach

The silence of Cimaja Beach is match with morning views accompanied by the rising sun. Hearing the sound of sea water and the fishermen who just arrived at the coast make the beach atmosphere increasingly felt. I love the beach with a quiet atmosphere like this, no wonder the morning when the sun rises I immediately came to this beach. At Cimaja Beach there used to be a fish auction place, but now all the fish that have been caught are sent to the fish market in downtown Pelabuhan Ratu. So, now the place of the former fish auction has only become one of the suppliers of fish which will be auctioned at the fish market.

Jalan Pantai Loji
The path that goes up and down and turning becomes its own distinctive beauty. This path is also one of the accesses to the Darma Peak and Ciletuh Geopark in Sukabumi Regency. Just a few kilometers I was amazed by the scenery along the way. At a glance I remember this path as when I went to Lombok and this road is not much different from Central Lombok to East Lombok, it's just that this path is more steep than in Lombok hehehe.

Ciletuh Beach
The view of Ciletuh Beach is very clear from the Peak of Darma. It is one of the beauties that I like when I see a wide stretch of view from a height. Unfortunately actually I want to reachto the beach, but the extreme path makes me cannot go to the beach. The path is still full of soil and its derivatives are enough to make the adrenaline increase dramatically.

Pantai Citepus

One of the beaches in Pelabuhan Ratu, Citepus Beach. Come here late in the evening is quite crowded with tourists or residents who live around here to enjoy the afternoon at the beach. I think this beach is quite popular because it is just right for relaxing.

Pantai Karang Hawu
My favorite beach while in Pelabuhan Ratu is Karang Hawu Beach. Many tourists also enjoy this beach because of the charm of its beauty, besides that when the sunset, the beach atmosphere is more beautiful because the sun sets between the rocks around the beach. But the waves on this beach are not suitable for swimming because the waves are quite strong and many victims are dragged by the waves on this beach. Besides that, it is said that Karang Hawu Beach is the throne of Nyi Ratu Kidul / Nyi Roro Kidul. Hmm it turns out that behind its beauty there are also many mystical things on this beach.