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Monday, November 19, 2018

Selong Belanak Beach at a Glance

Selong Belanak Beach, this might be the last beach I will visit while in Lombok. Seeing Selong Belanak Beach seems to be more crowded than other beaches, here many tourists eat, sunbathe, and especially surf. The beach with a wide edge is not surprising that many tourists like it even I see more foreign tourist than local tourists. Someone say this beach is similar to Hawaii, Lombok's Hawaii hehehe. Actually my time is not much here, so I can only enjoy a glimpse of this beach. Although actually this beach is the best beach on the island of Lombok.

pantai selong belanak

Unfortunately, when I went to Selong Belanak Beach, I could not enjoy it any longer time because it was already late in the evening and the sky was not as bright as during the daytime, but when viewed again it turned out that Selong Belanak Beach was unique from the edge of its vast beach. In addition, there are also many fishing boats that may get more marine products from this Selong Belanak Beach.

pantai selong belanak

pantai selong belanak

The journey from Kuta to Selong Belanak is not so far anyway, about 30 minutes to get to Selong Belanak Beach and if from Mataram City the travel time is about 2 hours. In addition, the streets are already very good with asphalt along the road. Indeed, the Selong Belanak Beach area has been arranged well as the best tourist area as well.

The entrance ticket to Selong Belanak Beach is quite cheap, around IDR 5,000 to IDR 10,000 when bringing a vehicle. The beach is crowded with tourists I think this beach is quite worth with the scenery and the sloping waves and just right for riding the waves on Selong Belanak Beach.

The facilities in Selong Belanak are already fairly numerous such as the many food stalls, bathrooms, and even around the beach there is a fish market if I look there.

Access to the road you can see on google maps below

The beach that has a panorama like in Hawaii is not to be missed while traveling in Lombok, yeah. hehe

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