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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Hidden Gem on East Lombok and Pink Beach

Pantai Pink Lombok

Wow! Lombok is indeed a lot of very beautiful beaches from any angle. Even if you just look at it from the photo it feels like you miss the beauty of the beaches. As in the previous story about Tanjung Aan beach, the sand is super white and beautiful. At that time, I actually didn't plan to go to East Lombok after coming from Tanjung Aan. But there is still a lot of time and I can continue exploring from Tanjung Aan  rather than go straight back to the inn. Even though it was still bright and there was still plenty of time to explore Lombok.

This time by tracing the road to East Lombok and thought of going to the Pink beach. First time I am really worry because he said the distance is very far and the road was not so good. But I already ride so far from Tanjung Aan beach. According to Google Maps, I can reach Pink Beach approximately 1h 37m from Tanjung Aan.Well rather than returning better continue to the paradise.

As my friend said, road condition to Pink Beach is like this photo. The street are not smooth and rocky. Also I am riding my motorcycle alone passing this forest. So lonely but at that time I can enjoy the view without hearing any complains hahaha.

Kondisi jalan menuju pantai pink
Always be sure that behind a difficult terrain, the scenery is very beautiful! : ')
I always say it like that inside to eliminate the hesitation to meet you. But true! passing through a rocky road and entering the Sekaroh forest park and when I arrived at the Pink Beach all of the tired and hot of Lombok all paid off with the beauty of the Pink Beach.

When I arrived at Pink Beach, it was like I had no idea that I was hesitant to continue my way to East Lombok, but in the end I arrived here with views of the beach which was quiet and not many visitors came here. But a few minutes there anyway who came using the boat. I do not know where the boat came from I also did not have time to ask at that time. Maybe it's an alternative to get to this beach faster without going through the road that I passed.

First impression. A super blue ocean with clear sky makes this beach no less beautiful than Tanjung Aan. The waves are quite calm and not strong, so this beach is perfect for swimming and relaxing. The atmosphere of the beach was quiet and beautiful like a private beach during my first visit a few months ago because in the area around there are only a few houses that live in this Sekaroh Village area.

Relaxing here while enjoying fresh coconut water. hmm it feels like heaven on earth. Even though it's quiet but this beach still has a few shops that are open and my chance is also to enjoy its beauty while drinking coconut water, hehehe.

Owh, so this is what makes the beach pink, this sponge that eventually breaks down can give a pink effect on this beach. Indeed, when exploring this beach, these sponges are scattered everywhere, so it's not surprising that the color is the same as this sponge. It was revealed where the pink came from. When you look closely at the sand there are indeed elements of pink color, it turns out, although not visible in contrast from a distance.

  1. Make sure the vehicle's fuel is fully with petrol/gas considering its location is very far and quiet from the crowd, it's not funny if you suddenly run out of gas when you're on the road, right? 
  2. The beach was already known and start crowded as well, there is even a shop which is open at this beach. But still just bring supplies just in case.
  3. Visiting on a sunny day can be more exciting than when it is cloudy.
  4. The road to the beach is not good and quite rocky, so try your vehicle in top condition to avoid undesirable things.
  5. There is an entrance ticket that needs to be issued which is IDR 10,000 when I visited a few months ago.
  6. Try to find a shady place to relax considering the weather on the beach is quite hot and sweltering.
Pink Beach Location

Located at the end of the island of Lombok. Precisely in the village of Sekaroh, Jerowaru, East Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara.



  1. kelapa mudanya harga berapa itu kak disana? pantainya memang bagus ya

    1. Hi. Ya kelapa mudanya cukup mahal karena tempat wisata juga sih ya, pantainya sih bagus dan masih sepi disini. Cuman medan jalan kesininya lumayan butuh perjuangan