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Friday, November 16, 2018

Exoticism Mawun Beach in Central Lombok

Still in Central Lombok. Central Lombok really has a lot of beautiful beaches with fine white sand stretched to textured like pepper and it all exists in Central Lombok, especially on the south coast. Surely you have read about previous posts about the beach I visited in Lombok? wow thank you for reading, hopefully you can spread the virus of traveling to your head hehehe.

Well, there's another beautiful beach and I've visited while in Lombok. This beach is like a hidden beach and the beach is flanked by two large hills that make it a distinctive view of this Mawun Beach. If you already see the scenery, you will immediately know "oh this is Mawun beach. The hidden beach in Lombok" is indeed easy to recognize because of its scenery, isn't it?

pantai mawun

I don't know, maybe when I went to Mawun Beach I was lucky because usually when I go to the beach it's always crowded, but at that time it was quiet. There are many reasons why it's quiet, that is, I visited after the earthquake that shook Lombok and its visit on weekdays too. But what is more fortunate is to visit Mawun Beach when the sun has started to change at dusk, this is also clear why I say it's cool because it's delicious at Mawun Beach in the afternoon.

When I arrived at Mawun Beach I was suddenly fascinated because this was the first time I saw this unique beach. The high seas are in the middle of the 2 big hills, the waves are good for surfing, and the beach is calm. The uniqueness is clearly seen when you first step on this beach. And, Mawun Beach is seen like the bay, the waves crashing on the beach are not strong.

Even though it's quiet, there are many facilities on Mawun Beach, it's just not as much as in Mandalika Beach, hehe. Even there is no coast guard here, so for those of you who want to swim or bring children on vacation to Mawun Beach, you still have to be in view and not be separated. Admission to Mawun Beach is enough to be charged an entrance ticket of IDR 10,000 for entering this beautiful beach.

I think Mawun Beach can still be called Hidden Beach. Why ? visitors who come here are still few even though the access road to Mawun Beach is much easier and the road terrain is very smooth compared to other beaches especially Pink Beach.

Pantai Mawun

So quiet when I went to Mawun Beach, I was able to express myself more freely while enjoying the beauty of this beach! don't you believe? here this

Foto ngaku-ngaku model padahal bukan.

So you could say this Mawun Beach is one of my favorite beaches in Central Lombok after Tanjung Aan Beach. Because the atmosphere is so quiet. If in the evening, on Mawun beach is little bit cooler than afternoon also in this beach the wind blows slightly strong.

Travel Tips to the Mawun Beach

1. You can do 3 activities at once such as swimming, surfing, or relaxing by the beach.

2. Because there are no lifeguards here, for those of you who can't swim, just swim on the edge of the beach.

3. No need to worry about heat in the afternoon, many gazebos or stalls while drinking fresh drinks can also be here.

4. The entry ticket is IDR 10,000



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