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Friday, November 2, 2018

Best White Sand in Tanjung Aan Beach

Lombok is always the champion when it comes to the beauty of its beaches! there are so many beaches that can be visited and at the same time can make you confused about making a choice, which beach you want to go to? But we don't want to have to make choices, especially if our traveling time is very limited like me.

While in Lombok, I stayed in Central Lombok, so far to East Lombok, I went to Pink Beach, where the beaches are much more beautiful. But this time I want to share a story about beach in Central Lombok which is next to Merese Hill.

Tanjung Aan Beach

When I went to Tanjung Aan Beach, I felt this beach was very quiet for a nice beach with super white sand. Maybe the time of my visit at that time was on a weekday where people were at work, meanwhile I was take vacation on that day. Not only because of weekdays, Lombok is still empty of tourists due to the earthquake that rocked a few months ago to devastate the Northern and Eastern parts of Lombok.

Tanjung Aan Beach or can also be called Aan Beach can actually be very crowded during the holiday season, but for some reason every time I come to the beach there many foreign tourists rather than local tourist. Either because it's expensive or how traveling to Lombok. But I am really impressed with the beauty of the beach which is super white sand so that it dazzles the eyes.

Merese Hill was clearly visible from Tanjung Aan beach

White sand and blue ocean in contrast! because of the contrast you might have to wear sunglasses if you go to Tanjung Aan so that it won't be dazzled

The skin has started like a beach boy hehe

The sand is white everywhere, obviously I just smiled happily because the sand was white and also smooth

Lost in Tanjung Aan! btw even though solo traveling still no one took a photo for me because it was  a little of visitors

Swinging here is so exciting!

Looking at that blue ocean always leads me to the illusion of who knows where

Access to Tanjung Aan beach is very easy because there are road directions everywhere to get to this beach. This beach is next to Merese Hill, be a jackpot in one visit. You can visit 2 beautiful places at once. Lombok is indeed like a paradise for beach lovers.

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