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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Sunset View at Kuta Beach Bali

First Day Sunset at Kuta Beach, Bali
First Day Sunset at Kuta Beach, Bali

Arriving at the terminal Ubung means my trip has arrived in Denpasar. If you have been in Bali, all places become tourist attractions, it seems that you are confused about where to go. But as a solo traveler, plan is already there and knows where to go. If in my plan to stay in the Kuta beach area precisely in Legian. Because yes, there are quite a lot of lodging in the area that is low budget and suitable for backpackers with facilities for a comfortable stay.

Mirah Hostel Legian
After arriving at a hostel in Legian, it doesn't matter to rest after a long journey from Bandung to Legian, about approximately 1 day. When talking about hostels, staying at the hostel is indeed quite comfortable in terms of facilities but sometimes that comfort is disturbed by the noise of other guests who are foreign tourists, when it is disturbing when they disturb the comfort with noise and sometimes disturb my privacy with opened the room curtains that were clearly in me. I don't know, even though I only stayed there one night, I was already disturbed. Maybe this is a risk if you stay in a hostel with a total of 16. But I always remember not to complain with any conditions during solo traveling so that I can enjoy the trip more every second #letsenjoy.

I arrived at Legian on the day of the evening, it would be unfortunate if I didn't take a walk to see the area, especially its position near the beach. It could be a loss if you can't enjoy the first sunset on Kuta beach. The story is actually not finished, when walking in the Kuta area it feels like I'm not in Indonesia because everywhere foreign tourists who are in this area hahaha.

Walking alone on the beach that no one can disturb my time is very nice moment to look at the beach and the ocean. Usually if you bring a friend sometimes you will get bored quickly for a few hours walking on the beach. But yes, this is an exciting moment when solo traveling, no one complains, is annoyed because of bored friends, and can enjoy the beach.

Because the sunset is still quite long after arriving at Kuta beach, it doesn't matter to sit in the middle of coastline of white sand watching various activities. Next can be a story that will be shared later.

pantai kuta bali
Beach Walking on Kuta Beach Bali
Looking for inspirations from beach walking no matter foreign or local tourists they still like this activity as self relaxation.

pantai kuta bali
Foreign Tourists Walk on Kuta Beach
It could be that Kuta beach is really enjoyed by many foreign tourists during their holidays in Bali.

pantai kuta bali
Father and His Son Enjoying Kuta Beach
A proof that Kuta beach is beautiful and friendly enough for foreign tourists to invite their children to enjoy together the beauty of Kuta beach in Bali.

pantai kuta bali
Keep Healthy While in Holiday
The beach does have a positive impact on health, there is no reason to take a holiday from maintaining the health of a tourist who still jogs while enjoying the beauty of the evening on Kuta beach.

pantai kuta bali
Surfing behind the Sunset
The scenery is very beautiful with surfers who enjoy the ocean waves while enjoying a sunset that is slowly disappearing.

pantai kuta bali
A Beautiful of Kuta Beach Sunset
Slowly it grew dark characterized by the setting of the sun and sky turning orange color, which means the day will end for today.

pantai kuta bali
Here we Go!
The sun sets and the day slowly darkens. But a beautiful day will still be a memorable day to be share later.

Kuta Beach is indeed full of stories for people who enjoy its beauty, so it's no wonder that this beach is famous almost among foreign tourists. As an Indonesian I would be proud to be able to enjoy Kuta beach whenever I want. Therefore the thing most missed about Indonesia is its natural beauty and culture.

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