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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Rows of the Most Beautiful Beaches in South Bali

Pandawa Beach, South Kuta, Bali
Pandawa Beach, South Kuta, Bali
Once I said a promise to return to visit a beach in South Kuta. As I promised last year "One day I will return to Pandawa beach!" that's what I'm saying. Considering the beach is in South Kuta, I might as well explore it until I am satisfied before the next day fly to Lombok. The second day in Bali, of course, this time I was not alone coincidence and had also promised to explore Bali especially South Kuta with my traveling friend. The distance from Kuta to Nusa Dua inevitably I have to rent a motorbike, calculating on spending money, time and so that I can go anywhere.

If you go to Nusa Dua there must be fast access for now. Yes, Bali - Mandara Toll. This is my first time using this toll using a motorcycle. Oh yeah, Bali - Mandara Toll has a special lane for motorbike way so anyone can use this toll road not just for cars or buses. Hmm the first pass through this toll feels really exciting, more exciting when riding a motorbike because with a strong wind gusts because this toll is above the sea automatically I reduce the vehicle speed because of worrying of flying wahaha. The point is quite exciting and really cool experience to be able to pass this toll on a motorcycle.

Sumber :

Out from the Bali - Mandara toll road I must be in the South Kuta area. Initially the road went smoothly because all the instructions were there. But even so, the name "lost" is inevitable! to the point that I entered the resort area there. Where's the weather when it was blazing hot even though it's still at 10! my friend said "This is Bali, it's hot!" eh instead we were lost. But it's okay to lost in Bali so that the style is a bit different.

South Kuta is indeed one area with many beautiful beaches with white sand. No wonder tourists always want to enjoy the beach while swimming, and so do I.

Pandawa Beach. This is one of the beaches included in my bucketlist while I was in Bali who once promised to come here again someday and now it's time to make it happen. Pandawa Beach, when the beach was first discovered, it was really clean, the sand was blue, the sea was blue, but it made the eyes fixed on its beauty.

Pandawa beach is arguably beautiful dazzling eyes with white sand

See at the ocean which is very clear blue it feels fresh and many ideas have emerged. Is not it ?

From any angle its beauty is still natural until this day

Imagine the first time they discovered this beach they had to go up and down the hill which could be considered full of lime

After Pandawa Beach will the trip end here? oh of course not. It was still sunny and the weather was getting hot. It's hot like this while swimming at a beach where the waves are quite friendly would be exciting. What is the beach near Pandawa Beach?

Melasti Beach. Not far indeed the distance from Pandawa Beach to Melasti Beach. Too bad if not to be missed? This is what I use every second which means even though the heat of the sun is not a problem to enjoy the beauty of Indonesia. Talking about Melasti Beach, it turns out that many tourists also use the Melasti Beach area as a photo spot for prewedding. You could say this Melasti Beach is perfect for those who want to really indulge in the quietness of the beach which is not as busy as Kuta beach. I was alone during Melasti Beach so I enjoyed it to the point that I forgot the time if there were still 2 more beach destinations to visit.

The waves on the coast not touch directly, so the waves are not strong in this area and then we can enjoy while relaxing.

You could say this beach is just right for relaxing while looking at the ocean or white sand here

So the distance from Pandawa Beach to Melasti Beach is quite close. It's a pity if you run out of Pandawa Beach, don't stop by first to Melasti Beach. Especially if the beach is friendly and you can swim without worrying of being dragged by the waves here. After Melasti Beach there was another beach that was no less beautiful than the previous beaches. What beach is that?

Dreamland Beach. South Bali is indeed endless giving a million beautiful beaches. If you don't believe it, just try to come straight and explore all the beaches there. Indeed, there are many beautiful beaches and make tourists confused about the choice of beaches haha. Dreamland Beach is arguably a white sand beach located in a residential area, because when I go to this beach I enter the residential area and resort of Bali Pecatu Graha. Arriving at Dreamland Beach we can see if the beach is surrounded by towering cliffs.

Why is it called Dreamland Beach? Because first in this area there was a housing project and tourist attraction. But the project was hampered and abandoned while the inhabitants of the village of Pecatu who used to live as farmers hope the project is completed and can pursue other businesses in the field of tourism. That's why the land around the coast is called Dreamland.
For surfers, Dreamland Beach is a favorite because of the tall and big waves. In addition, this beach is also suitable for enjoying the sunset or just watching the surfers' attractions.

Dreamland is a paradise for surf connoisseurs, a view like a resort also gives the impression of luxury on this beach

A special thing about this beach is the high cliffs towering around Dreamland Beach

The impression of luxury from this beach can enhance your photos when traveling to this beach hehe
Nyang Nyang Beach. The final destination of the exploration of paradise beach in South Kuta ends with enjoying the sunset at Uluwatu. Initially I wanted to go to Uluwatu Temple, but because the sun had started to drown itself and I see the access road to Nyang Nyang Beach, I will definitely end it on this beach. You could say this location is very quiet visitors because of its existence that is less well known. But it turns out that Nyang Nyang Beach has a view that is truly captivating, especially when the sun has already seen. The high seas, high hills, and sunset views beautify and enhance the atmosphere. If you can feel it right away, it will probably be carried away by the delusion of personal imagination because it's so quiet and only the sound of the ocean is heard on this beach.

Beautiful scenery like this, I'm sure will bring memories and stories in the future

Drowning in fantasy because of the quiet atmosphere and only the sound of the waves crashing
The second day in Bali was ended by watching the sunset at Nyang Nyang Beach. Of course, a lot of stories that can be told. It's okay to travel short, the most important thing is
How to use each of your seconds to look for stories and experiences.

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