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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Nervous! First experience flying with a plane to Lombok

bandara lombok praya

After traveling and exploring here and there for two days in Bali. Now is the time to fly to the neighboring island, which is said to be even more beautiful until my friend says, "This is just Bali, how about seeing a beach tomorrow in Lombok?" Immediately I am laughing....

Hmm very interesting! even though it was two days in Bali but it felt like I just arrived in Bali, how come I have to continue to the next trip, in Bali there are many views that so beautifu, maybe in Lombok there is more beautiful rather than here.

Talking about the experience of flying to Lombok from Bali it felt like I was flying with a super-fast plane (even though the distance is only 30 minutes) hahaha. Waking up early on the last day in Bali, rushing to go to Ngurah Rai International Airport feels like it's a happy mix to nervous! because you need to know even though I am a traveler, but that day I was traveling for the FIRST TIME by using a plane. It feels really tacky, but the truth is that it's so huhuhu, I didn't think of using airways and always using land and sea routes. But this time, never mind when there is an opportunity to go to Lombok, just try to get on a plane even though the price of a ticket from Bali to Lombok is quite a expensive. But the important thing is that this valuable experience will never be forgotten.

When I arrived at the airport,  immediately I followed my friend about how to get on the plane for the first time (it was my tour guide). Arriving at the departure gate just check-in remembering that the departure time is coming soon (even though there are still 3 hours left). After checking in I had to pass the first inspection, they checked my luggage through the x-ray machine. After the inspection, the boarding pass was printed immediately and by chance at Ngurah Rai Airport there was a standalone boarding pass, so there was no need to queue. When it comes to the weight of luggage in a standalone printing machine, there are also luggage wight scales. Luckily, only a backpack and not more than 7 kg means you can bring it to the cabin. Initially it was confused why other passengers had a card hanging in his bag when carrying goods to the cabin, I began to worry again of being overloaded because my friend said
"If the goods are overloaded in the cabin will be fined, you know!"

Ouch! but believe me this item is already qualified to be taken to the cabin hmmm.

The boarding pass is already in hand. It's time to go to the waiting room. Hmm initially I thought straight to the waiting room, but it turns out there is a second security check. This time it was really tight because it got to Body Check. When body check try not to wear a belt, wallet, cellphone, basically anything in the body except the clothes must be rechecked on the x-ray machine.

After a while it finally finished. Now just waiting in the waiting room. According to some people, this is the most boring moment, which is waiting in the waiting room. Especially if the plane schedule is delayed #hmmm delays.

"Gosh, I'm flying with lay * n again, it's definitely delay!" eh it's really delay, it should fly at AM 10:30 WITA so it's 11:30 WITA duh

*3 jam later

Finally Here we go! this is the most eagerly awaited moment that is heading for the plane. It was indeed increasingly excited because maybe this is the first time flying with a plane.

Yes! First time getting on a plane near the window! : D

The seconds to take it off ...

Took off! When it took off it felt like riding a rollercoaster not to mention turbulence that made me horrified: ')

The sea around Bali is so beautiful that it's so blue! Btw it's South Kuta: D

First time seeing the island of Nusa Penida. So beautiful ! Btw it seems like Kelingking beach hehe

Welcome to Lombok! It's landing soon. See the coast

My dream island finally arrives! Hello Lombok, you are so beautiful

And finally landed. Greeted with "Matur Tampiasih" and welcome to Lombok
So the conclusion is that the Bali travel time to Lombok by plane is about 30 minutes. When flying we can see the island of Nusa Penida when the weather is sunny. When you arrive in Lombok, the cellphone signal becomes limited so if you can use a good provider. When I got out of the plane when he arrived in Lombok the weather was very hot even in my opinion hotter than Bali.


  1. senengnya yang naik pesawat..
    Memang sekarang bodu check ketat, tapi kalau menurut saya di domestik di Soetta seperti cuma untuk syarat saja ..beda dengan di keberangkatan internasional. Saya khawatir kalau kurang teliti kalau ada apa-apa nanti baru merasa kecolongan..hiks

    Layen aer memang jago telat ya Mas..kok enggak takut enggak naik kelas nanti pas tahun ajaran baru #eh :D

  2. Indahnya lombok dari atas ketinggian, semoga sahat-sahabat kita yang terkena musibah di lombok bisa selalu di beri keceriaan dan kebahagiaan dunia akhirat .. Amiin..

    salam sama saudara-sadara di lombok bang...

    1. Amiin semoga bangkit lagi pariwisata disana. Soalnya pas kesana masih sepi pengunjung di tempat wisata.

      Sekarang Lombok sudah mulai bangkit lagi 😆