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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Merese Hill, an Exotic Place to Enjoy the Sunset

When traveling the moment to see the sunset is very desirable for every traveler. Especially if you see the sunset in a very beautiful place will add to the sensations and experiences that you might not forget. One of them is a beautiful spot to see this sunset in Lombok. If you remembering Lombok, everywhere it always so beautiful, after all Lombok is indeed one of the most beautiful islands with amazing beach tourism.

If you head east of Kuta Lombok you can find a spot called Merese Hill. Merese Hill is a hill filled with grasslands like a teletubbies hill. But what distinguishes the view on Mount Merese is the hill adjacent to the beach. So if you can find a spot, I am sure you will be fascinated by its beauty.

Access to Merese Hill is actually easy, even this hill can be seen from Tanjung Aan beach because of the fact that Merese Hill and Tanjung Aan beach are indeed next to each other. So, if you come here, you will definitely be confused to choose where to go first. But for me at that time after landing in Lombok and taking a short break then to Bukit Merese to enjoy the charm of the first sunset when I set foot on the island of Lombok. If you are going to Tanjung Aan Beach maybe not at the same time because to save the bucketlist so that there are no empty days.

When solo traveling to Merese Hill, it's safe and comfortable. Because here is not so quiet even people come in the evening to enjoy the sunset here. Many of my friends say "hey Fariz, you said to Merese Hill alone, but who took a picture for you?" yes when it comes to taking photos for myself can ask people or use objects around us. Because there are many things on Merese Hill that can be used as a natural tripod hahaha.

Solo traveling doesn't need to be difficult because no one is taking picture for you, just put the camera on the stone, point the angle and set according to good angle and voila! be a photo that seemed to be photographed by someone like the photo above.

Back to the sunset view while on Merese Hill. Actually, from any angle the sunset is always beautiful to look at when it is in Merese Hill. But if you can go further up to the peak and go to the west then you will find a good spot.

Indeed, as I always say

Even though the terrain and access are heavy, rocky, uphill or far away, the results will never lie. At the beginning it will taste bitter and at the end it will taste sweet.

How beautiful! It turned out that the location of Merese Hill was just right for making cinematic videos like this. I also did not think about what scenario should I make while vlogging here. But let's say the story is:

A wanderer who wants to reach a dream as high as the sky, to success by running toward the sunlight.

The point is, if you go to Lombok, Merese Hill is a must for those of you who are enjoying the charm of the Kuta Mandalika area in Central Lombok. Because it would be such a pity that such a beautiful place is passed over.


  1. selama ini klo ke lombok lebih konsen ke pantai pantai kerennya, belum cobain untuk explore bukitnya, apalagi daerah sumba yang dijuluki negeri seribu bukit. ahhhhh

    Keren kebangetan sunsetnya

    1. iya nih kapan-kapan mau explore Sumba deh kalau ada kesempatan.... :D