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Sunday, September 16, 2018

How To Traveling To Stone Garden Geopark in West Java

Yes! Finally write again about one of the tourist attraction in Bandung which is quite famous and is really instagramable, namely Stone Garden Geopark. This place just really can make your eyes fascinated with its natural beauty. Especially when the weather is sunny.

Maybe a lot of people ask "How we can go to the Stone Garden? I want to go there" or "If you go up to the Stone Garden?" that's the question. Well, I can recommend that if you take public transportation, you can take the Bandung Raya Local Train to Padalarang and then when you get there, take an angkot that goes to Rajamandala, usually there is a public transportation near Padalarang station, take the angkot until you find the Al-Ikhlas mosque or if you are still confused, just request to the angkot driver, tell him to go down the road that wants Stone Garden. All right.

Just want to tell the fare there

- Bandung Raya Local Train (Bandung-Padalarang) : IDR 5.000
- Angkot Padalarang to Rajamandala : IDR 5.000
- Stone Garden Geopark Entry Ticket : Around IDR 5.000
(tickets may change at any time)

Regarding the Stone Garden history of Stone Garden when it was really observing the task of tourism, well, quite a lot of questions here. In the past, in the ancient times, the Stone Garden area was still a shallow sea, so it is not surprising that these stones were originally from where and why they look like they are not normal stones and looks like corals. Because these stones are fossils of coral reefs from the shallow oceans. Wow! Talking about the past I can't move on, (like I failed to move on!) I feel like I'm on the ocean floor. So fabulous!

Stone Garden is arguably like a natural stone museum area formed without human intervention!

The experience here is really exciting because we can explore places and it can also be a place of refreshing because the scenery in one location is really beautiful. Been visiting here at noon, it feels very hot, but fortunately there is a shelter provided like a hut and if thirsty you can even buy a drink at the nearest shops. Not only have I visited in the afternoon, I visited in the afternoon because by chance from Cimahi to Stone Garden not too far away can ride a motorcycle hehe.

Here it is a familiar mountain near Stone Garden, called Mount Masigit. When viewed from its characteristics, this mountain is very rocky and the rocks that were there were on average composed of limestone.

Even though the scenery is hot during the day, seeing the view of the green hills and the gentle breeze that blows when looking at the scenery is guaranteed to be carried away by the atmosphere #uuuh

Well, if the afternoon the weather can be cooler because the sun is not right above the head, sometimes more visitors come in the afternoon because they might be able to enjoy the afternoon and see the evening sky from up there times, yeah. What is still curious is when can I come here early in the morning when the sun rises?

stone garden citatah

This is proof that in the afternoon it's better, you can see the sky without being dazzled. Sitting among the rocks in Stone Garden it feels very beautiful, because the stones are arranged in a fitting manner.

stone garden citatah

Woo, you accidentally took a photo from the bottom even though you didn't ask to be photographed hehe.

Actually it is really cool if there is a chance to go to Stone Garden in the morning, but unfortunately it is still difficult to wake up early. Hopefully it can be a reference for your traveling when visiting Bandung. Happy traveling!

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