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Friday, August 3, 2018

Panoramic Sunset in Jatiluhur Dam, Purwakarta

If you go to Purwakarta, you won't be familiar with Jatiluhur Reservoir. No wonder the variety of exotic panorama is not much different from the beach. But the difference is this is a lake and does not have sand beach. There is indeed much that can be done here such as boating across the island at the edge of other parts, culinary tourism with the results obtained from the lake.

In the holiday season, this place will definitely be full of local tourists who are recreation in Jatiluhur. Indeed, Jatiluhur Reservoir is still a favorite, even though there are many other tours in Purwakarta that are no less interesting.

Walking here is a good in the evening, usually the sunset here can be seen beautiful. It's not the same at sunset on the beach.

Even though the scenery is quiet cloudy but it feels like it is carried by the calm atmosphere of the lake water and the warm sun which starts to sink. If you look around there is a decoration of a coconut tree so it feels more and more on the beach.

The view is really beautiful if you see the sun going sets, the boats running underneath are beautiful.  If you want to know too, you can stay here at a number of hotels near the coast of the lake. But, because I am a native of Bandung I can come here anytime.

Entry Ticket Rates to Jatiluhur Reservoir
Weekdays : IDR 5,000
Weekends : IDR 20,000
Parking fee : IDR 3,000 (motorcycle), IDR 5,000 (car)

Short Video about Panoramic Sunset in Jatiluhur Dam, Purwakarta


  1. Sampe sekarang belum sempet buat main ke Jatiluhur, pedahal hampir sering dateng ke Purwakarta. Hadeuh... ajakin gue napa...

    1. Siaaap ayok rencanakan.... main dulu dah ke PWK hahaha....