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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Let's Visit to Geology Museum of Bandung

As a traveler who likes nature usually traveling outdoors rather than indoor. But, there's no matter in also trying to visit the museum. Maybe some people say "why do you go to a museum, it's boring" yes, say boring yes, say no bored yes. So what do I do? yeah it's not boring as long as i enjoy my trip, hehehe. The museum was built not for only display in the city, but a variety of education that we get in the museum.

Actually there have been quite a number of museums that I visited, such as the Geology Museum in Bandung, the Subak Museum in Bali, the Kencana Train Museum in Yogyakarta. Is the National Gallery of Indonesia (GIN) including a museum too? because a lot of historical paintings from his era on display there. Between museums or galleries? similar times, yeah.

museum geologi bandung
Geology Museum of Bandung

Getting into this museum is really cheap, getting here is no more than IDR 10,000. Even the rates are set by foreign tourists, especially local tourists, especially students, how much is the fare? at that rate, you can already enjoy the contents of the museum building. Providing education through museum visits must also be emphasized.

Like the museum in general, in this geology museum a lot of education about the Earth and its contents. For an example of the history of the formation of the earth, volcano, ancient human history and others.

Human origins from Pithecanthropus to Homo Sapiens are explained. Hmm it turns out that reading in a museum is more exciting than reading history books at school.

Kind of rocks are displayed in the museum. I never seen all the rocks that displayed then the color is beautiful.

Dinosaurs skeleton are displayed. That's not real but awesome to see how big the T-rex!!

I don't know what this electronic device means, but that certainly means I have to read it there again

It turns out that the ocean also has unique and strange things, I see it like there are fossils like cockroaches in there hmmm why do they have cockroaches? But if you want to know, cockroaches are also one of the earliest ancient insects that are still alive today like this. But still, I want to destroy as much as ever, always in between the cupboards or under the table hmmm.

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