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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Backpacking Tips How to travel to Bali by Land & Sea from Bandung

Backpacking Tips How to travel to Bali by Land & Sea from Bandung
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Kuta Beach, Uluwatu, Nusa Dua and others surely you will guess it with one of the most beautiful places on the island of Bali, right? if a vacation to Bali feels it can be very expensive for some people and also can be very cheap for some people. Ah, that doesn't need to be bothered. But what does a traveler know? if you live in Java and want to travel to Bali but try to travel as cheaply as possible. There are many ways to travel there. You can go by land, but not entirely by land anyway from Banyuwangi to Gilimanuk still you have to use the ferry to be able to cross Bali straits.
Even from now until now I have never been to Bali by plane, because besides pressing a budget, enjoying the process of trip is also my favorite moment. So, you could say I enjoyed the trip more than arriving quickly.
Oh yes, then if traveling to Bali from Bandung by land, how do you do it? It seems like there are still lots of questions that are conveyed to me from friends. How come it's not more than IDR 500,000, I can even get to Bali, even it doesn't even reach IDR 500,000.

Based on my experience, using the train as transportation between Bandung - Surabaya - Banyuwangi is number 1 for me.

The train that you can use a lot to get to Bali. But, I recommend using the Pasundan train from Bandung (Kiaracondong) to Surabaya Gubeng Station then continue with Probowangi train to Ketapang station.

The schedule for Pasundan Train
Departure Bandung (Kiaracondong Station) : AM 10:15
Arrival Surabaya Gubeng : AM 01:00
Ticket prices : IDR 170,000

Upon arrival at Surabaya Gubeng station, the trip continued using the Probowangi train to Banyuwangi (Ketapang Station).

The schedule for Probowangi train
Departure (Surabaya Gubeng) : AM 04:15
Arrival (Ketapang Station) : AM 11:45
Ticket price only IDR 56,000

Now you have arrived in Banyuwangi, you only need to walk for about 10 minutes to the port of Ketapang to cross into the Gilimanuk port of Bali. If the price of the Ketapang - Gilimanuk ferry ticket is around Rp 6,500, it is also a special price for pedestrians. Very cheap right?

So the total you have to spend to Gilimanuk's destination is approximately IDR 184,500! Wow, I've arrived in Bali that much. But if you want to go to Denpasar, of course you need a bus to get there, if you can negotiate, the price of a kind of elf bus from Gilimanuk to Ubung Terminal, you can get around Rp 50,000 but it depends on how you negotiate the price hehe. Isn't it easy now to go to Bali? So now! let's backpacking to Bali

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