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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Visiting the Bosscha Tomb in Pangalengan

makam bosscha

Who doesn't know about the Bosscha Star Observatory post in Lembang? Definitely know about this post. The most historic star observation post in the city of Bandung. And do you know about Malabar tea plantation in Pangalengan? Of course for nature lovers Pangalengan is very famous for the nature of Pangalengan that is so beautiful and cool. However, did you know that the Bosscha Observatory and the Malabar Tea Plantation were once built by one of the Dutch era who was very influential on the development.

Karel Albert Rudolf Bosscha. Born in The Hague, May 15, 1865 was a Dutchman who cared about the welfare of the indigenous Indies community at that time and was also an observer of education, especially astronomy.

Back to the topic, I had another chance to go to Pangalengan for recreation. Of course there always wants to relax the body with the warm water in the Cibolang hot spring. Although often visited Pangalengan for recreation but never bored because the nature is so beautiful.

After relaxing my body with warm water of Cibolang Hot Spring, on the way home I remembered and curious about what if on that day I also took the time to Bosscha's tomb, the tomb of a Dutchman who dedicated himself to building estates and the Bosscha Observatory.

makam bosschaThere is no entrance ticket to enter the tomb. so it's free. Arriving, in the area it felt so quiet and began to appear resting place KAR Bosscha whose location is really in the middle of the Malabar tea plantation and its position was under a shady tree so that the grave really looks quiet. His tomb is covered by a dome that is exactly the typical European architecture. Made me carried away in the past when Bosscha built this Malabar plantation.

Seeing his grave looked like a nostalgia, and when I saw his grave, I felt confronted with a past person. Rarely did I visit the cemeteries of the Dutch people first.

Although KAR Bosscha is a man who built gardens and tea factories in Pangalengan, but Bosscha still prioritizes himself as an astronomer whose profession is evidenced by the Bosscha Observatory building in Lembang, Bandung. Okay, that's my story when I visited Bosscha's grave in Pangalengan. A Heritage that really made me go back to the past.

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