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Monday, May 14, 2018

The Luxury of Priority Class Train Makes Your Trip Enjoy!

Yes! Finally got the chance to try to take the Priority class train which was said to be very luxurious and was originally set aside for rented trains, but this time priority class trains were carried by several regular trains, one of them Argo Parahyangan train from Bandung for the final destination of Jakarta (Gambir). Curious is not how the luxury of this train that can make your trip more pampered?

At first glance about the priority class, this coach has exterior characteristics with a brown color and there is the word 'PRIORITY' in the middle.

kereta priority

Then the exterior looks really luxurious!next what is about the interior ?

kereta priority

kereta priority

It's a bit blurry at the first photo, but you can imagine the interior? The floor is carpeted, the AVOD on each seat and the walls are designed with wood that looks luxurious to look at.

Then, what other facilities can be found in this priority class? Many! we can get a box containing food that if purchased is on the regular train is quite expenxive, then snacks and coffee for free! really enjoy, right?

If that's the case, let's take a quick look at the video below when this train is running.

From seeing the video above, how does it feel? It's an unforgettable experience when traveling by using a luxury train, then there's no need to traffic jam on the road right?

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