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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Exploring Kotagede in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta. A special city for its lovers. I am one of them. How come ? the culture is really great, people are friendly, the food is delicious, and the atmosphere is making want to back again to this city.

Remembering about Javanese culture, one must remember about Kotagede. Yes, the area has so many Javanese specialties that are still very well maintained and even become one of the cultural heritage. To get to Kotagede from Malioboro it is very easy to reach, you can ride Trans Jogja, or any other transportation. My recommendation is to ride Trans Jogja more efficiently and also be more relaxed while looking around the city of Yogyakarta.

What we will get in Kota Gede? Maybe you will wonder about this tourist area. This area is famous for its silver crafts! If you are on your way to Kotagede and you have already seen many places of silver markers, you will arrive at Kotagede. In addition to silver crafts, there are many places that are no less hits and instagramable places. There is a heritage house from the Dutch periods that is still very well preserved even as a cultural preservation, even the residents still stay on the house. At that time I wanted to take pictures, someone knocked on the door, I thought it was an important person who visited but it seemed like he was one of those who lived in the house. I wonder how the house is like? I was able to take pictures from the outside, maybe for travelers who are familiar with seeing it.

kota gede yogyakarta

The design and architecture are clear with typical Javanese culture, Kotagede is like a cultural area. Moreover the path to the place in the photo above is a fairly quiet alley, like going home so even though I am not a native of Yogyakarta, really missed the atmosphere. If you try to continue your way into the alley, there are a lot of clues to the Joglo houses (Javanese traditional houses) aimed at tourists who are cultural connoisseurs. Indeed, this area has many cultural reserves.

Traveling in Kota Gede doesn't end here, try to find the Great Mosque of Mataram in Kotagede. Recommended also for connoisseurs of culture and history. Immediately, the first large mosque of Mataram, I first saw it as a temple because the entrance gate of the mosque was really designed like a temple like in Bali. But it turns out if you go into it, it is true that it is a large mosque.

masjid besar mataram kota gede
Entrance Gate of the Great Mosque of Mataram, Kotagede

After passing through the entrance gate of the mosque, then the form of a mosque seen from the Arabic script.

masjid besar mataram kota gede
Great Mosque of Mataram
Proven indeed, a lot of cultural relics found in the tourist area of Kotagede. Starting from the culture, history and cultural preservation. It is fitting that all that must be maintained because it is a historical legacy contained in this region. In addition to the buildings above there are many more historic buildings found in Kotagede. Hopefully it can be a recommendation for those of you who want to feel photographed with buildings that are still thick with Javanese culture.

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